BevyUp Transforms E-Commerce into a Collaborative Shopping Experience

Allows Friends and Family to Browse and Buy Together Online; Provides Retailers Visibility into Sentiments that Drive Purchases

SEATTLE--()--BevyUp, the company that makes online shopping a social experience, today emerged from stealth mode and announced a cloud-delivered service that enables retailers to add real-time and off-line collaborative shopping capabilities to their online stores. The BevyUp service allows two or more people to shop together by adding co-browsing, communication (Facebook, text and email invites, text chat, video chat) and collaboration (sentiment tagging) capabilities to any e-commerce site. It also provides actionable intelligence on shoppers’ product sentiments and preferences to help retailers convert sales and capture add-on and up-sell opportunities.

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In a recent blog post, Jason Goldberg, Founder and CEO of Fab, the world’s fastest growing e-commerce site, wrote: “The third wave of e-commerce is all about bringing emotional purchases online. Non-commodity products. More thoughtful purchase decisions. I like to call this Emotional Commerce. This is categories like furniture, home accessories, home textiles, fashion, art, and jewelry.” BevyUp brings the collaborative social shopping experience typically associated with brick-and-mortar stores to e-commerce. It is currently in use by several leading retail websites including jewelry, wedding and travel stores.

“Shoppers that want to browse and buy online with their friends and family are currently resorting to tools that were not designed for shopping -- like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc. -- to try to make multiparty purchasing decisions,” said Mauricio Cuevas, CEO of BevyUp. “The BevyUp service provides online marketers a unified platform that enables, captures and monetizes social interactions on their sites. It also generates actionable business intelligence on sentiments behind purchase decisions that would otherwise remain locked up on social media sites and in email exchanges and phone conversations.”

The BevyUp Service

Many online purchases involve more than one decision maker, including apparel, travel, bridal, jewelry, real estate, and more. Often, buyers are in different cities, states or even countries. BevyUp layers a collaborative social experience on top of any e-commerce site by enabling two or more people to shop online together.

In deployments, BevyUp has increased the four leading metrics for e-commerce sales: time on site, page views, average order value and conversion rates. The service unifies a complete set of collaborative shopping and communication tools in one integrated platform to provide the following features and benefits:

  • Co-browsing with follow, navigate and independent browsing capability
  • Text and video chat
  • Facebook, text and email invitations
  • Sentiment tagging (e.g. love it, don't like, good deal, too expensive, etc.)
  • Tag board that contains items with the sentiment tags that have been applied to them by visitors
  • "Shop with an expert" option to help convert more sales
  • Online and offline shared shopping sessions
  • Quick and transparent integration into any e-commerce site (one line HTML script tag per page)
  • Does not require website users to install any software or plug-ins on their devices
  • Captures shopper activity to provide website operators with visibility and actionable intelligence into sentiments and buying intentions that drive purchases

The BevyUp Team

The company’s management and technical team has deep experience in e-commerce, collaboration and retail infrastructure technologies. Team members launched the Microsoft Bing search engine in 28 markets around the world, developed infrastructure technology for and the Microsoft Store, and built video and VoIP technology for the Microsoft Lync unified communications platform.

Pricing and Availability

The BevyUp service is available immediately. Pricing is session-based and varies depending on traffic volumes and industry.


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About BevyUp

BevyUp makes online shopping a social experience. The company enables retailers to create a real-time collaborative shopping environment on their websites to enable and monetize social interaction. BevyUp is proven to boost the four leading metrics for e-commerce sales: time on site, page views, average order value and conversion rates. Visit us on the web, on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


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Marc Gendron, 781-237-0341

Release Summary

BevyUp allows two or more people to shop online together by enabling retailers to add real-time and off-line collaborative browsing and buying capabilities to their online stores.


Marc Gendron PR
Marc Gendron, 781-237-0341