Ambio Remote Health Monitoring System Available to Order Online

Wireless remote system optimized for long-term care, affordability and ease of use

STAMFORD, Conn.--()--Ambio Health, a healthcare technology company, today announced that its Ambio Remote Health Monitoring System, a wireless health monitoring product, is available for purchase via its online store.

“Our goal was to offer a more affordable and easier-to-use remote health monitoring system that is beneficial to all care participants, from patients and their families to providers and payers,” said Kevin Jones, chief executive officer at Ambio Health.

Upon its launch at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January of this year, the Ambio Remote Health Monitoring System was named as one of eWeek’s “10 Health and Fitness Tools To Track Exercise, Chronic Conditions.”

The system’s price starts at $49.97 for a single device, which includes a glucose meter with wireless connectivity, with an annual subscription that works out to $4.99 per month. Additional devices with wireless connectivity include a blood pressure meter and a weight scale and can be added a-la-carte.

“Ambio has accurately placed its finger on the pulse of the burgeoning senior monitoring market by developing a greatly needed, concise and affordable a-la-carte line of vitals and remote monitoring products,” said Robb Sullivan, senior vice president of sales at YES eHealth Solutions.

The system allows plug and play set-up with no Bluetooth pairing or Wi-Fi configuration and automatically sends readings from anywhere in the home. This way, meters can be used in their natural locations without having to physically bring the meter closer to the wireless gateway hub, connect a cable, or start a PC or smartphone application to send readings.

Erin Siders, a patient using the Ambio Remote Health Monitoring system, noted: “The system is very easy to use, especially the set-up. I like that I don't have to write down values after every reading, and the readings are automatically sent to the portal where I can log on and review them.”

Impact on Patients

Ambio automatically logs readings that can be viewed at the secure, web-based Ambio Care Portal and can be printed or emailed as needed.

“I was able to print out my entire log and take it to my endocrinologist, who was very impressed with the capabilities of the system,” said Siders. Reminders to take readings and medications can be set and delivered to the patient by telephone, text message or email. In addition, patients can invite family or other care partners to join their Care Circle – which allows those providing support to the patient to access the data and view results. “It’s very helpful knowing that my caregivers are watching over me and my readings,” she added.

Users can be notified when their test strip supplies are low and can easily reorder though Ambio’s test strip supply partner Diabetic Care Services – which handles payment by Medicare and most insurance plans for test strips – or through Diabetic Express for low-cost test strips.

Impact on Caregivers

Family members who can’t visit every day can log on to the Care Portal to view readings from anywhere and get daily or weekly summary reports sent to them. Family members can also use the goals and rewards system that awards points for taking readings per the schedule and for achieving targets.

Employers benefit because employees who are caring for loved ones can be more productive at work by being able to track their loved one’s health status remotely. They then have to make fewer trips to the patient’s home or to the patient’s care providers for vital signs readings.

Impact on Physicians and Providers

Physicians and medical care providers benefit because readings are transmitted directly from the meter, and are therefore accurate and complete. The system makes it easy to capture daily trend data, mitigating the “white coat effect” of readings taken in the office. Providers can also have patients track qualitative health information using a flexible automated survey tool, as well as track exercise and diet.

For home health agencies that send nurses to patients’ homes to take vital sign readings, the Ambio system may reduce the number of nurse visits or calls required to take and record vital signs, resulting in significant cost efficiencies. Ambio automatically sends reminders to patients either proactively or on an exception basis if a scheduled reading is not taken.

Assisted living facilities can offer Ambio as a service to automatically keep family members informed of their loved one’s health status.

Ambio Health for blood glucose monitors and blood pressure monitors are available now and weight scales will be available in April 2013. The Ambio Activity Monitoring System with motion sensors and door window sensors to monitor activities of daily living will be available during the second quarter of 2013.

For more information, or to schedule a demo of the product, contact Kevin Jones at or 973-568-0323, or visit

About Ambio Health

Headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, Ambio Health's mission is to help people live better in their own homes. The company’s patent-pending technology provides the most affordable and easiest-to-use wireless health and activity monitoring solution available.

The Ambio Remote Health Monitoring System wirelessly sends readings from devices such as blood pressure and blood glucose meters and a weight scale to the web-based Ambio Care Portal where they can be viewed by patients and their authorized care partners.

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Brenda Patterson, 440-623-9581


Brenda Patterson, 440-623-9581