Casale Media and IgnitionOne Announce Extended Partnership to Onboard Premium Publishers

Casale Media’s Index Platform Enables IgnitionOne to Harness Human Relationships through Real-Time Bidding

NEW YORK--()--Casale Media ( and IgnitionOne ( today announced an extended partnership that recognizes a unique need to move publishers closer to the demand side, fostering human relationships in the programmatic buying process. In this partnership, IgnitionOne’s Digital Marketing Suite (DMS), the world’s only technology platform that combines RTB-based display capabilities through a proprietary DSP with media buying and optimization for paid search and Facebook, connects with Index Platform (, a global sell-side platform by Casale Media. This partnership will help IgnitionOne strike direct relationships with publishers that have yet to interact with RTB.

“IgnitionOne’s partnership with Casale Media provides the IgnitionOne Digital Marketing Suite prime access to sought-after publishers and premium inventory for brand safety,” said Roger Barnette, President at IgnitionOne. “Our proprietary DSP connects with every major RTB exchange globally and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to work with individual publishers as well.”

The partnership is unique in that both Casale Media and IgnitionOne understand that as buying automation progresses, it is becoming increasingly important for the demand side not to lose their publisher relationships. Casale Media’s Index platform allows IgnitionOne to strike direct deals with publishers that are most desirable to work with, carrying out transactions through existing RTB piping. IgnitionOne’s DMS capabilities are brought together by an Engagement Scoring engine that tracks user-level behavior and interests in order to deliver the right message in media or on marketers’ sites. Results yielded from the partnership show that IgnitionOne is valuing media fairly, including the following:

  • IgnitionOne observed a 300% quarter over quarter growth in spend by being able to identify and harness new relationships with publishers who have yet to interact in the RTB space.
  • IgnitionOne continues to be an aggressive and valuable buyer for publishers across Index Platform posting an average CPM 50% higher than the market average, showcasing that its algorithm seeks out value rather than simply aiming to race prices to the bottom.
  • IgnitionOne has benefited from the additional 3,000 publisher relationships Casale Media brings access to.

“Our partnership with IgnitionOne is in part based upon a shared business philosophy to maintain the human element wherever possible while benefiting from the automation of programmatic transactions, exposing buys and clients to premium environments,” said Andrew Casale, VP of Strategy, Casale Media. “By integrating our mutual offerings we are able to guarantee premium publishers high quality advertising that retains brand integrity while maximizing profits and visibility for marketers and publishers.”

About Casale Media’s Index Platform

Index Platform is a global digital advertising technology platform offering enterprise grade solutions, intelligence and support for publishers to maximize advertiser demand for their cross channel media. Through the Index Platform exchange or a publisher's own private marketplace, publishers receive fully transparent real-time bidding (RTB) management technology and access to premium demand. Its parent company, Casale Media, continues to establish a strong presence in digital advertising, working directly with premium media organizations, while focusing on brand-safety and control for advertisers and publishers. Headquartered in New York and Toronto, the award-winning company is guided by its dedication to need-based development and a quality-focused culture.

About IgnitionOne

IgnitionOne® is the global leader in digital marketing solutions providing world-class proprietary technology and expert services to improve digital marketing performance. IgnitionOne’s integrated Digital Marketing SuiteSM (DMS) empowers marketers to centralize, manage and optimize digital media, and understand cross channel attribution while helping to optimize conversions on a marketer’s website. On top of this world-class marketing technology, IgnitionOne provide services to help marketers manage paid search, display and Facebook advertising together -- because Digital Marketing is not only simpler when it’s integrated, but it is also more effective. At the core of IgnitionOne’s solutions is the proprietary Engagement Scoring Algorithm which determines the value of a user in order to deliver the right message, at the right time, at the right cost, to a marketer’s users on and off their website.

IgnitionOne currently scores over 300 million users in 55 countries and powers more than $30 billion in revenue each year for leading brands, including General Motors, DIRECTV, Ann Taylor, La Quinta, Travel Guard and Fiat, as well as advertising agencies such as Golley Slater and CyberAgent.

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HORN on behalf of Casale Media
Zinnia Gill, 646.202.9760


HORN on behalf of Casale Media
Zinnia Gill, 646.202.9760