Business and Political Leaders Open Climate Week NYC

Tony Blair, Prince Albert of Monaco, Evan Williams, Norman Ornstein and many others call for an “American Clean Revolution”

NEW YORK--()--Leaders from around the world and across the political spectrum including Tony Blair, Prince Albert of Monaco, Twitter co-founder Evan Williams and conservative commentator Norman Ornstein came together today to call for an American “clean revolution” which they said could grow the US economy by $3 trillion. They were joined by business leaders including Walter Bell, Swiss Re, Zia Eftekhar, Philips Lighting, as well as Rachel Kyte, the World Bank, Roger Johnson, National Farmers Union, Cecil B. Wilson, American Medical Association and Deborah Fikes, World Evangelical Alliance. The group launched Climate Week NYC, and a new report which concluded that the transition to a clean energy economy could create more than 1 million jobs and help the US to avert the effects of climate change, such as extreme weather. The Climate Group simultaneously launched a Twitter and Facebook campaign in support of the initiative to raise awareness of the economic benefits of a ‘clean revolution’.

The Climate Group report calls for the next US administration to place clean energy at the heart of America’s economic strategy, and for action to maintain the US’ lead in technological innovation – including tripling the federal clean energy R&D.

Twitter co-founder Evan Williams commented: “America's long history of prosperity was built by entrepreneurial innovators in science and technology. These visionaries imagined and then created a new, better way of doing things which was the catalyst for a century of prosperity. We need powerful new thinking in that same vein in order to transcend the limits of our high-carbon economy with clean energy innovation.”

“The longer politicians argue, the more time and commercial advantage we lose. America needs to move, and fast. Failure to take global leadership of the fast-growing clean energy market will be the biggest missed opportunity of a generation,” said Norman Ornstein.

The report - “An American Clean Revolution: Why the US should play to win on the clean economy” - said that American companies need to claim their stake in global clean tech market, expected to be worth $2 trillion by 2020.

“In 2011, there was about $130 billion of economic loss- only $60 billion was covered by insurance. You’ve got the insurer of last resort – basically government and other political jurisdictions – that have to come in and pick up the difference, which puts extreme pressures on the taxpayers,” said Walter Bell, Chairman, Swiss Re America.

In the US alone, a 40% energy efficiency increase would accrue $53 billion in annual energy cost savings,” said Zia Efhekhar, CEO, Philips Professional Luminaries North America.

The report’s authors say that a clean energy strategy would lower US dependence on foreign oil: Importing oil now costs each American $1100 annually. They also warn that China has passed the US as the world’s number one filer of patent applications; its research budget has tripled over the past 15 years.

“Combating climate change is massively in our best interest. It may well be that not governments but a bottom-up revolution of businesses, states, cities and consumers, a Clean Revolution is going to drive forward a solution to climate change. The Climate Group, the first business NGO, has been, instrumental in driving this revolution forward,” said Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair.

“New data about the enormous opportunities for American industries in the clean energy market highlights why the time has now come for an American clean energy revolution”, said Mark Kenber, CEO, The Climate Group. “However, if the US doesn’t act there are others waiting to overtake it in the new clean energy race.”

According to the report lost productivity, damages and additional healthcare costs caused by climate change could cost the US tens of billions of dollars annually. In 2012 weather extremes have affected 80% of the country and cost the US economy approximately $50 billion.

Climate Week NYC is an annual global summit that brings together business, government and thought leaders. Swiss Re is Climate Week’s Founding Sponsor. The Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute is a Golden Sponsor. Bloomberg, ConEdison and HP are Event Sponsors. Climate Week NYC Supporters are Yasuni-ITT Initiative, Québec, tcktcktck, United Nations Foundation and

More about Climate Week NYC at . You can read the report and more about the ‘American Clean Revolution’ at


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Kalee Kreider, +1-615-332-5004