AliphaJet Joins Advanced Biofuels Association

Breakthrough Process for Making Renewable Jet Fuel, Diesel and Gasoline at Costs Competitive to Fossil Fuels Is Ready to Begin Commercial Scale-up Phase

SAN FRANCISCO--()--AliphaJet, Inc. ( announced that the company has joined the Advanced Biofuels Association (ABFA) ( Having successfully demonstrated its cost-effective catalytic process for making jet fuel, diesel and high-octane gasoline from renewable plant oils or animal fats, AliphaJet is beginning its commercial scale-up program.

“The ABFA is the premier industry advocacy organization for companies ready to commercialize the next generation of advanced biofuels”, said Jack Oswald, CEO of AliphaJet. “As we begin the commercial scale-up phase we chose to join the most effective organization representing our industry’s interests and working to make sure we have a sound national energy policy that includes advanced biofuels”.

The company has launched a program to build a demonstration scale facility with annual capacity of 500,000 gallons per year to be completed and operational during the next twelve months. The demonstration facility will produce renewable jet fuel, diesel or high octane gasoline from renewable oils. Following this phase, AliphaJet will begin construction of a full commercial scale production facility.

AliphaJet is now raising $4-5M to build and operate its demonstration plant.

“AliphaJet has made quick progress since the company’s introduction in 2011”, said Michael McAdams, President of the Advanced Biofuels Association. “We are thrilled to be representing another great company that will be producing large volumes of drop-in renewable advanced biofuels within the next two years.”

AliphaJet’s BoxCar™ catalytic de-oxygenation process (a.k.a. decarboxylation) converts renewable oils and fats into “drop-in” advanced biofuels by removing oxygen to create true hydrocarbon fuels.

"Drop-In" Fuels: AliphaJet's proprietary technology converts renewable oils and fats into true diesel, jet fuel, or high-octane gasoline.

Cost Competitive: AliphaJet offers the lowest-cost and simplest approach to converting oils and fats into drop-in fuels by not requiring large amounts of hydrogen.

Demonstrated Technology: AliphaJet's diesel and jet fuel meet ASTM specifications.

Feedstock Flexible: AliphaJet can use vegetable oil or animal fat: soy, palm, waste cooking oil, beef tallow; non-food oil: camelina (GenEx, BioJet), jatropha (SG Biofuels), Pongamia (Terviva), pennycress (Arvens), algae (Sapphire, Solazyme, General Atomics), GMO (Amyris, LS9, Genomatica).

Distributed Production: AliphaJet’s small scale facilities are located where renewable oils are produced, avoiding co-location with oil refineries and reducing transportation costs.


AliphaJet Inc.
Jack Oswald, +1 415.986.8300

Release Summary

AliphaJet joins the Advanced Biofuels Association ( ABFA ) and has begun work on building a demonstration scale facility to make "drop-in" advanced renewable jet fuel, diesel and gasoline.


AliphaJet Inc.
Jack Oswald, +1 415.986.8300