Actian Teams up With FlyingBinary and Tableau to Unleash Big Data Potential

Provision of rapid-fire business analytics and social measurement optimization forms the bedrock of new partnership

Tableau European Customer Conference 2012

SLOUGH, United Kingdom--()--Actian Corporation today announced that it has signed a strategic partner agreement with FlyingBinary, provider of disruptive analytics and cloud computing solutions, and Tableau, the global leader in rapid-fire business intelligence software, to take Big Data and Social Measurement Optimization solutions to market. The announcement was made ahead of the Tableau European Customer Conference in Barcelona from April 2-4 where Actian is a sponsor.

FlyingBinary will integrate Actian’s Vectorwise, holder of multiple world records for performance and price performance, and business intelligence (BI) software Tableau in a cutting-edge, comprehensive business analytics solution that allows organizations ranging from financial institutions, retail and investment banking, online communities, manufacturing, advertising agencies and telecommunications companies to distill business insight from the growing tsunami of data.

The ongoing digital and social media revolution and the proliferation of smart devices have resulted in an exponential growth of data. Increasingly, companies are collecting this information from sources as varied as customer habits, digital patterns, trends and online conversations. The heterogeneous nature of the information is the defining characteristic of Big Data and presents enterprises with the challenge of turning this amorphous material into speedy and actionable business analytics while leveraging information generated by social media networks. By unlocking actionable insight, enterprises are set to increase competitive advantage that can help them make powerful gains.

“In an era where data is considered the new oil in terms of its value, the traditional enterprise data warehouse is no longer suited to handle the growing mass of unstructured data,” commented Jacqui Taylor, CEO of FlyingBinary. “Our partnership with Actian enables us to offer a radically new proposition for Big Data analytics and database management, as well as a new platform of choice for Social Measurement Optimization. By combining blazingly fast database technology from Actian as a repository to store social media data and provide capabilities to drill into unstructured data with Tableau's data visualisation capabilities – deployable on any desktop for any user – FlyingBinary is now empowered to deliver a gamechanging solution for actionable BI and social media analytics.”

“With FlyingBinary being awarded the Framework Agreement for the provision of G-Cloud Services by the UK government’s G-Cloud initiative, we are planning to include this Big Data Cloud solution with Vectorwise and Tableau as part of our public sector offering,” added Jacqui Taylor.

“The two-pronged approach of using our record-breaking database, Vectorwise as the back end and Tableau's visual analytics layer at the front end will address the dual needs of enterprises for turbo-charged business analytics at breakneck speed and for a platform that will help optimize social measurement across the social networks,” said Steve Shine, CEO of Actian. “We are delighted to be part of this partnership.”

“Effectively managing Big Data can provide a critical advantage to organizations looking to differentiate themselves from competitors,” added Suzanne Hoffman, Director of Channel Sales at Tableau. “We are excited to be part of an offering that will help enterprises as they seek to quickly and easily analyze, visualize and share their business and customer information.”

About Actian

Actian Corporation is the first to unveil a cloud development platform for building Action Apps. Action Apps are lightweight consumer-style applications that automate business actions triggered by real-time changes in data. Actian products incite action at more than 10,000 customers worldwide by driving their mission critical workloads and providing rapid action insights to their data. Actian is headquartered in Redwood City, California with offices in New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and Melbourne. For more information about Vectorwise please visit

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About FlyingBinary

FlyingBinary provides disruptive analytics and cloud computing solutions and services. The company founders have over 40 years experience of delivering large scale programmes in both the public and private sectors, and created the company in 2009 to provide a lightning rod for organisations wishing to engage with best of breed new technologies. FlyingBinary champions the business user, and is unrelenting in the quest for rapid, agile business value.

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