LiveRail Launches Brand Safety Alliance For Video Advertisers

LiveRail Integrates With Affine, DoubleVerify and TRUSTe for Multi-dimensional View of Video Ad Safety

SAN FRANCISCO--()--LiveRail, the first real-time video ad technology platform for publishers, networks and agencies, today unveiled the Video Brand Safety Alliance, a series of technology partnerships providing advertisers, agencies, publishers and networks with the highest degree of safety available for in-stream video placements.

The launch combines best-in-class offerings from Affine, comScore validated Campaign Essentials, DoubleVerify, Proximic, AdSafe Media, and TRUSTe with LiveRail’s own reporting, analytics, and video ad serving. All of the technology partners are now natively available to the more than 200 publishers, networks and agencies that utilize LiveRail’s video infrastructure technology.

The Brand Safety Alliance gives every player in the video advertising ecosystem access to a holistic view of brand safety. Agencies and networks can now offer their brand partners insight into URLs, semantic page content, and the content of the actual video accompanying ad impressions. In addition, advertisers and publishers can utilize privacy compliance solutions to incorporate privacy notice and choice into their video ads.

LiveRail customers can now take advantage of Affine’s industry-leading image-recognition software to automatically classify and tag the video in which their ads appear. With Affine’s frame-by-frame video analysis technology, advertisers now have the data needed to determine if video content aligns with campaign objectives and brand safety specifications.

DoubleVerify’s technology will provide brand safety targeting data before the advertisement is sent to the video player ensuring brands only run the highest quality environments for all video campaigns. In addition, advertisers can make use of TRUSTe privacy compliance solutions, ensuring they comply with industry self-regulation efforts and maintain consumer trust.

The new technology partners are the latest example of LiveRail’s dedication toward complete brand safety and transparency in online video. The LiveRail Safety Alliance supplements the company’s existing URL whitelisting and syndication management capabilities, ensuring video ads never appear in environments an ad buyer deems unsafe.

“Online video is a complicated space, and it’s very difficult to achieve scale while also ensuring brand safety,” said Mark Trefgarne, LiveRail CEO. “The LiveRail Safety Alliance is the first step toward a complete platform that lets advertisers pick and choose the partners they want to work with to achieve their campaign goals. By working with several of the leading data and technology companies, we’re giving video ad buyers fool-proof brand safety options.”

“Advertisers need a guarantee of brand-safe environments for video advertising, thus ensuring their ad dollars are efficiently spent and delivering the highest ROI,” said C. Eoin Townsend, DoubleVerify SVP Partnerships & Business Development. “We’re excited to partner with LiveRail to give advertisers the best possible targeting in the market and the assurance their video runs in quality environments.”

“Combining Affine’s video scanning technology with LiveRail’s existing transparency tools gives brand marketers a clear look at where their ads appear online,” said Mike Sullivan, CEO of Affine. “By combining the offerings of multiple partners, brands now have a multi-dimensional view into video safety.”

"As advertisers increasingly tap video to target and optimize marketing campaigns, they need to ensure that consumers have transparency into these practices," said Chris Babel, TRUSTe CEO. "We are encouraged by LiveRail's move to make privacy a priority in the online video market by giving advertisers a frictionless mechanism to implement TRUSTe's industry-leading consumer preference management platform."

In addition to the announced partners, LiveRail’s platform is fully interoperable with other ad safety technology, letting ad buyers integrate their existing partners into the LiveRail platform. Learn more at

The story was first covered by VideoNuze here.

About LiveRail

LiveRail delivers technology solutions that enable and enhance the monetization of Internet-distributed video. By focusing specifically on challenges and opportunities created by online video, its tools are designed to be easier, more efficient and more effective than traditional display ad servers to deliver and track advertising into this new medium. Founded in 2007, LiveRail's senior team is led by its founders, Mark Trefgarne (CEO) and Andrei Dunca (CTO). LiveRail Inc. is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with offices in New York City and Romania. LiveRail is backed by Pond Ventures.


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LiveRail, the first real-time video ad technology platform, today unveiled the Video Brand Safety Alliance, a series of technology partnerships providing the highest degree of safety for online video.


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