Hypertable Inc. Announces New Products and Services for Next Generation Hadoop NoSQL Database Deployments

Unveils New Website and Demonstrates How Hypertable Beats HBase in Recent Performance Tests

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--()--Hypertable Inc., the developer of Hypertable, an open-source, high-performance, scalable database modeled after Google’s proprietary Bigtable database, today announced new products and services that will allow corporations to take advantage of Hypertable’s unprecedented performance and cost-efficiency, enabling next-generation, big data applications currently limited by previous generation platforms. Hypertable Inc. also unveils new easy-to-navigate website and releases recent in-house performance evaluation whereby Hypertable beats HBase in numerous tests that model real-world workload.

The Hypertable Inc. new products and services allow companies to deploy and expand production-level, big data applications running the Hypertable scalable database on top of Hadoop. Available today via the new Hypertable Inc. website, the products and services include:

-Uptime Support Subcription – with support staff located in both the US and Europe, Hypertable Inc. offers round the clock “uptime” assurance to organizations that depend on their scalable database infrastructure to meet their business objectives.

-Hypertable Training and Certification – allow companies to ensure their engineering staff can garner the maximum benefit of their Hypertable deployments, while furthering their expertise in the cutting-edge NoSQL technology space. Taught by big data experts, Hypertable Training and Certification is available in Silicon Valley, USA and Munich, Germany.

-Commercial License – for organizations such as OEMs, ISVs, and VARs who distribute Hypertable with their closed source products, Hypertable Inc. offers the software under a flexible OEM commercial license.

“Hypertable’s high-performance, scalable database technology allows companies to deploy big data applications with a minimal hardware footprint, which significantly reduces costs,” said Doug Judd, CEO of Hypertable Inc. “Our new product and service offerings allow corporations to take commercial advantage of the power of big data by providing the tools and technology expertise to support their applications and assure high levels of service.”

Hypertable vs. HBase Performance Evaluation: Why Performance Matters

In a recent in-house Hypertable vs. Hbase Performance Evaluation II, Hypertable was shown to beat HBase in numerous tests that model real-world workload. These results illustrate how Hypertable can deliver equivalent database capacity on a fraction of the hardware, translating into less equipment, less power consumption, and less datacenter real estate, resulting in lower overall costs.

“The performance and scalability of the Hypertable platform is unparalleled,” said Sumit Rajwade, Vice President of Technology for Rediff.com, India. “We are pleased to choose Hypertable and it will continue to be our choice for big data stores.”

Hypertable’s highly efficient design and implementation also delivers all the advantages of better performance, including:

  • For live applications -- more responsive user experience by reducing overall request latency
  • For offline applications -- higher throughput is achieved which means more work can be accomplished in a given amount of time

About Hypertable Inc.

Hypertable Inc. is the developer of Hypertable, an open source, high performance, massively scalable database. Modeled after Google’s Bigtable, Hypertable is designed to store and organize petabytes of information on a large cluster of commodity servers, bringing the power of cost effective, scalable computing to data-driven businesses currently limited by previous generation platforms. Hypertable seamlessly overlays on top of Hadoop to provide supercharged, scalable database infrastructure for big data applications. Hypertable Inc. provides professional services for Hypertable, including UpTime support subscription, training, and certification to organizations seeking the highest levels of service availability. For more information, please call +1 650.401.6038 or visit us on the Web at http://www.hypertable.com/.

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Hypertable Inc.
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Hypertable Inc. announces new products and services. Unveils new website and Demonstrates how Hypertable beats HBase in recent performance tests.


Hypertable Inc.
Rebecca Ritter, 650-867-4821