Imply Labs Announces, a Gift Buying Solution

Sophisticated data-driven predictive buying technology instantly and accurately recommends personally relevant gifts for your friends by analyzing their social media

PROVO, Utah--()--Imply Labs, an industry thought leader in predictive buying technologies, announced today the official release of, a sophisticated solution developed for instantly and accurately recommending gifts that are personally relevant to your friends.

“With so many gift options available to today’s shopper, people are afraid to spend too much time and too much money to buy the wrong gift,” said Zack Oates, founder of Imply Labs. “Finding a better way to analyze the social graph and creating a consumer tool fits perfectly with our mission to create a more relevant world.”

Each birthday or holiday season, shoppers across the country spend over *$450 billion dollars on gifts, and 73% on gifts for their friends. With, shoppers can find a gift that is not only thoughtful and useful, but relevant to their friends.

The availability of shopping online has created a market need for making interesting, informative and personally relevant recommendations. will enable shoppers and merchandise owners to collaborate and take advantage of this opportunity.

“It’s clear that in this non-linear world of gift choices, consumers are often scanning for items that look interesting, and they are open to enhanced recommendation and discovery tools to guide them in their shopping options,” said Jon Bradshaw, co-founder of Boom Startup. “The Imply Labs predictive buying technology is the future of social media and I believe its use on websites across the Internet seems inevitable.”

The biggest question at hand is, does it really work? Try it for yourself.

1. Log on to with Facebook Connect and type in a friend’s name and/or Twitter handle.

2. Wait a minute while Imply Labs technology analyzes your friend’s social media.

3. And voilà, users have recommended gift ideas from Amazon.

It’s really that simple. To see it in action, you can watch this two minute YouTube video ( During the initial testing of earlier this year, 87% of users were able to find the right gift for themselves and major improvements have been made since then. In addition to algorithm developments there is an updated user interface, gift sharing tools, personalized lists and product ratings.

“Were not asking users to change their behavior, were just adding another value to their life on social media,” said Oates. “Hence, Imply Labs can help both ecommerce websites and shoppers with its predictive buying technology to revolutionize social commerce.”

About Imply Labs

Started in 2009, Imply Labs develops social media predictive buying technologies to help people connect to more relevant products, services and information. The technologies find personalized gifts, create insightful reports and improve website experiences. Imply Labs is a privately held company backed by angel investors headquartered out of Utah.

*Holiday Shopping. US Market, July 2011. Mintel Market Research.


Imply Labs
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Imply Labs
Jonathan Walgamott, 208.921.6535