Involved Media Announces Partnership with The Trade Desk

Offering Full Spectrum of Powerful Social Ad Tools, Involved Media Becomes Most Advanced Social Ad Platform

NEW YORK--()--Involved Media, a leading social advertising platform that provides digital media advertising technology and managed services on the social web, announced today that it has partnered with “The Trade Desk,” a leading Demand Side Platform (DSP). This partnership allows each company to leverage the strengths of each – Involved Media gains a key display partnership and The Trade Desk gains a key social media partner. Together, these developments will allow advertisers to better identify high value prospects and deliver a stronger ROI across social, display, video and mobile ad buys, as well as provide media agencies and brand advertisers with a holistic view of the target consumer and all activity attributions.

“With the increased popularity of DSP’s and integral role they have in developing strategic and impactful advertising campaigns, we are thrilled to partner with Jeff Green and The Trade Desk,” said Neal Weinberg, Partner and Founder of Involved Media. “The powerful combination of our company’s social advertising capabilities and our DSP partnership with The Trade Desk offers clients unique and compelling advertising solutions. The Trade Desk’s insights into the future of display advertising brings a competitive advantage to our customers.”

The partnership allows both organizations to offer additional services to clients. The Trade Desk will sell social advertising campaigns through Involved Media and Involved Media will sell display advertising through The Trade Desk’s integration with multiple ad exchanges.

Additionally, Involved Media introduced auto optimization features within its “Façade” social ad platform. The company’s new partnerships and product enhancements has propelled it to become one of the most advanced social advertising platforms in the industry. Involved Media offers agencies and advertisers an array of sophisticated social advertising solutions including the integration of social display with social video, Facebook® Ads API integration, day-parting and auto-optimization. These offerings, when coupled with the ability to target users across major ad exchanges, are a powerful mix for sophisticated marketers. This is Involved Media’s second DSP partnership; they recently teamed up with MediaMath.

Jeff Green, founder of The Trade Desk added, “Social advertising has been exploding and for marketers to be successful, their media mix should also include social ad buys. Our focus is on helping marketers buy all kinds of display ads, including but not limited to those available through social networks like Facebook. By partnering with Involved Media's social ad platform, we're now focusing on measuring and reporting on yet another data point in the sales funnel.”

About Involved Media

Launched in 2008, Involved Media provides digital media advertising technology and managed services across the social web. The company focuses on developing and implementing large scale social media campaigns and unique interactive advertising solutions that deliver high-impact results to top Fortune 500 brands.

Involved Media is one of the only social ad platforms to offer a combined capability of day-parting, auto-optimization social video distribution and now, retargeting across the major ad exchanges.

Current clients include Fox, Disney/ABC, NBC, Horizon Media Inc., Sony Pictures, Samsung, Nikon, Paramount Pictures, Media Storm, Targeted Social, Dell, Warner Bros., MediaMath, MediaBrix.

The company has offices in New York City, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. For more information on Involved Media, visit For more information about the company’s social ad platform, Façade, visit

About The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk is the first true demand side platform (DSP) — a platform built by media buyers, for media buyers. The Trade Desk powers the next generation of agencies and aggregators by providing sophisticated tools for buying display, and partnering in every other channel to provide full funnel visibility.

Founded in 2009, by the pioneers of the ad exchange and real-time bidding, The Trade Desk sets the foundation for successful online spend by focusing on:

  • An unparalleled commitment to training agencies and buyers to buy RTB effectively
  • Offering buyers and traders total control over every variable that affects performance
  • Eliminating line items and making campaigns easy to optimize
  • Full funnel attribution and measurement across search, social and display

Other companies in online advertising overreach by trying to build capabilities in every channel. The Trade Desk focuses on its core strengths – buying display, and offering a platform to partners in search, social and other forms of media. The company is based in Ventura, CA with offices in New York City and Boulder, CO. For more information, visit


Involved Media
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Release Summary

Involved Media announced today that it has partnered with “The Trade Desk,” a leading Demand Side Platform (DSP).


Involved Media
Claudia Dal Lago, 917-453-7028