Adobe Survey Transforms Consumer Attitudes and Motivations into Actionable Data

Digital Marketers Can Rapidly Create and Deploy Targeted Online Surveys; Combination of Attitudinal and Behavioral Data Enriches Consumer Insight, Leading to More Relevant and Engaging Experiences

Author-focused workflows allow marketers to simply and quickly create and deploy surveys. (Graphic: Business Wire)

SAN JOSE, Calif.--()--Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the redesigned Adobe® Survey, a voice-of-customer sentiment application that captures audience opinions, attitudes, and motivations in real-time, giving digital marketers a more complete understanding of consumers. New enhancements make it easier to create and deploy highly targeted surveys and key integrations with the Adobe Online Marketing Suite mean digital marketers can take immediate actions based on the consumer responses captured by Survey.

“Many digital marketers have deployed surveys to capture customer sentiment, but too often that data sits in a silo, undervalued and underutilized,” said Aseem Chandra, vice president of product marketing, Omniture® Business Unit, Adobe. “With Adobe Survey, we are making survey data highly actionable because it’s integrated with the Adobe Online Marketing Suite. After all, what’s the value of asking your customers questions if you can’t act, and act quickly, on the answers?”

“Adobe’s latest version of Survey is simply a massive step forward,” said Chris Jenkins, head of global online performance, Vodafone. “With its key integrations with Adobe SiteCatalyst® and Adobe Discover™ and its intuitive user interface, it has become a leader in the marketplace.”

Enriching Consumer Insight

Adobe Survey is now integrated with Adobe Discover, a powerful analytics application for performing advanced customer segmentation. This integration allows customer segmentation by survey responses, greatly enriching anonymous visitor profiles with attitudinal data. Discover data segments can be automatically created with just a few mouse clicks while in Adobe Survey.

Streamlined Creation and Deployment of Targeted Surveys

Enhancements to Adobe Survey have been designed to optimize the entire survey creation and deployment process, in essence removing barriers to collecting valuable attitudinal data, so digital marketers can get critical insights even faster. To that end, Survey features a new, intuitive user interface and streamlined workflows. Digital marketers can also more easily style and brand a survey according to their brand’s typical look and feel. This is accomplished through advances with a theme editor, in a few simple clicks.

Survey customers can now rapidly deploy surveys hosted on an Adobe URL, meaning that a marketer does not have to involve the IT department to develop a survey landing page on their company’s website. This is ideal for marketers that need to get a survey out quickly and further benefits post-transaction follow-up surveys.

Marketers can launch a survey targeted to audience segments based on very specific, customizable rules. With this capability, the marketer increases the likelihood that the survey will be completed and valuable attitudinal data captured. Examples of this could include a retailer who wants to survey Chinese visitors to its site that purchased a specific product. Or, a publisher might want to survey visitors that read a specific article after searching for a particular topic (whether from internal search engine or an external source). Marketers are able to configure these survey launch conditions directly in the Adobe Survey interface without the help of valuable IT resources.

Taking Action on Attitudinal Data

Adobe Consulting for Omniture technology now offers an integrated solution that combines the capabilities of Adobe Survey and Adobe Test&Target™. Test&Target is used by marketers to design and execute online tests, create on-the-fly audience segments (based on behavior) and automate the targeting of content and online experiences. With this solution, Test&Target can also serve behaviorally-targeted surveys and can tailor content to respondents based on if or how they answered survey questions. This kind of real-time customer engagement can lead to higher consumer satisfaction, which often leads to higher conversion rates.

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