Kryron Armor Repeats Previous .50 cal AP Stopping Performance at Naples Demonstration

Confirms Bourque Industries' Terminator armor's consistency and excellence for vehicle applications

TUCSON, Ariz.--()--Bourque Industries, Inc. (OTC:BORK) today announced that the Company repeated the results of its July military testing on August 10, stopping several .50 caliber armor piercing rounds with its Kryron Terminator ballistic system in a lightweight vehicle armor configuration.

The tests were conducted at a private range in Naples, Florida with about 70 individuals in attendance, including law enforcement, military personnel, industry-leading defense contractors, and local news media.

A Terminator Fat Boy plate was shot multiple times with .50 caliber AP ammunition in combination with a 3/8 inch steel plate from 50 feet with no penetration, ricochet, shatter or spall. As demonstrated in Naples, 3/8 inch steel is easily penetrated by .50 cal lead core anti-personnel rounds, which are far less lethal than the .50 caliber steel-core AP rounds defeated by the Kryron Terminator armor in combination with the 3/8 inch steel.

The Kryron armor combined with 3/8 inch steel produces superior ballistic protection with a weight reduction of at least 30 percent over traditional vehicle armor systems. The Terminator Fat Boy plate is not tested or designed to defeat .50 cal AP or .30 cal AP threats in a stand-alone configuration.

The Naples testing further demonstrated that the Kryron Terminator armor can be mounted both in front of and behind the steel plating, offering maximum flexibility in mounting after-market armor packages for military vehicles already in service. Additionally, the mounting of Kryron armor on vehicle interiors will eliminate casualties resulting from rounds ricocheting inside of vehicle passenger compartments due to Kryron's unique characteristic of “catching” bullets instead of deflecting them.

While a personal protection system could feasibly be designed to defeat .50 cal AP projectiles, the compression wave created by the impact could potentially be fatal even without any penetration, making these systems impractical for personal protection.

In addition to the landmark .50 cal test, a Terminator Thin Line plate sustained over 100 rounds of pistol ammunition of various calibers simultaneously fired by six uniformed officers at exceptionally close range with no penetration, ricochet, shatter or spall.

Also, the Terminator Level III in-conjunction system, designed to be used with a Level IIIA Kevlar vest, defeated a 7.62x39 FMJ at 20 feet with back-face deformation well within NIJ-06 stand-alone plate standards.

Bourque also debuted a new lightweight armor system designed to provide protection to naval vehicles that defeated more than 20 7.62x51 FMJ rounds and a half dozen 7.62x39 FMJ rounds with zero penetration in a 10”x12” coupon that weighed only six pounds.

All results were achieved with weight savings over the current industry-standard armor plating.

“Wednesday was another exciting day for Bourque Industries, as we were able to demonstrate our revolutionary armor technology for another important group of individuals,” said John M. Bourque, inventor of Kryron and founder of Bourque Industries. “Once again we proved that Kryron is the best ballistic armor material on the market today, and the clear choice to protect America's warfighters for both personal protection and vehicle armor applications.”

About Bourque and Kryron

Bourque Industries is a publicly-traded company (OTC: BORK) based in Tucson, Ariz. Bourque is the exclusive distributor of all Kryron-based technologies.

Kryron is a state-of-the-art proprietary aluminum alloy and the optimal material for ballistic armor plates. Compared to industry-standard personal protection ceramic plates, Kryron Terminator armor is lighter, far more durable, and completely eliminates shatter, spall, and ricochet.

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