Vaccine Dangers Exposed: Hotze Health & Wellness Center Shares the Darker Side of the Vaccination Story

HOUSTON--()--In light of National Immunization Month, Hotze Health & Wellness Center (HHWC) is sharing a different side of the vaccination story through educating the public on vaccine dangers and ways to naturally boost the immune system. HHWC recently welcomed vaccine expert Dr. Sherri Tenpenny as a guest on “Health & Wellness Solutions” radio program to discuss the misconceptions of vaccines, their toxic ingredients and side effects.

Dr. Tenpenny along with host of “Health & Wellness Solutions” and physician at HHWC Dr. Donald Ellsworth explain the dangers of vaccinations in simplistic terms so that people outside the medical community can easily understand. Dr. Ellsworth explains his intentions are to ensure Americans are educated about the risks associated with conventional medicine’s approach to immune health through immunization and present natural options as alternatives. In particular, he advises how to boost the immune system so that people can protect themselves from the seasonal flu. For additional information, read the following blog post: Top 5 Reasons Why Not Take the Flu Vaccine.

“I’m dedicated to educating Americans particularly parents with young children so they can make an informed decision rather than making a decision to vaccinate based upon intimidation,” said Dr. Ellsworth. “I want parents to know their rights such as school exemptions; in some states, it’s called a personal right of exemption that you don’t have to vaccinate your children to get them into the public school system. As parents, we all need to stop fighting for the right to vaccinate and educate ourselves about what we are injecting into our youth instead of blindly believing what’s being forced upon us particularly by ‘Big Pharma’ and the vaccine industry.”

The following list highlights a few key points discussed by Dr. Ellsworth and Dr. Tenpenny during their radio segment on vaccine dangers:

1. Public Misconceptions:

a. Case Examples:

i. Polio Vaccine – For more information on this particular case study, please listen to the complete podcast.

ii. Prevnar Vaccine – Additional information is also available on podcast.

b. If mercury isn’t present in vaccine, there is no need to be concerned over safety, which is simply not true.

c. Most states enforce immunization for children to be allowed into the public school system. Not the case. Research your rights. Here is the state vaccine exemption form for Texas.

2. Toxic Ingredients: Even if mercury isn’t present in the vaccine, there are still trace amounts of toxic chemicals such as gelatin, aluminum and formaldehyde. In particular, the Food and Drug Administration recently placed formaldehyde on the official known carcinogen list, yet it’s still used to manufacture a number of vaccines such as polio, and in some cases, even the flu vaccine.

3. Effectiveness: The real question is: is the vaccine is protective? Even in two related “success stories” involving vaccines the incidence of disease either viral or bacterial declined, but what has been the tradeoff? In both cases, a more aggressive, resistant strain was created when the other was eliminated. There is no ‘win-win’ situation with any vaccine.

4. Educate yourself beyond the basics. To learn more about the benefits of boosting the immune system naturally and avoiding vaccine dangers, the following article is available: Should I Vaccinate My Child?

Immunization is not the answer; good health and lifestyle are. Included below is information on how one can avoid vaccinations and build a healthy immune system:

Natural Ways to Boost the Immune System:

  • Diet: Add plenty of nutrient-rich organic fruits, vegetables and nuts to your diet, and eliminate all processed foods and sugar.
  • Exercise: Regular exercise assists in strengthening the immune system by improving immune response. It also assists in maintaining a healthy body weight, which is important for overall health.
  • Adequate sleep: Ensure you get eight hours of sleep each night to give your body time to recharge. Healthy cells are important for a healthy immune system.
  • Take your vitamins:
    • Vitamin C – helps fight infection by potentiating white blood cells. It is also particularly crucial to healthy adrenal glands.
    • Probiotics – improve digestion and boost the immune system.
    • Zinc – optimizes the immune system and has direct antiviral effects.
    • Garlic – fights germs responsible for causing the common cold, flu, sore throat, sinusitis and bronchitis.
  • Are your vitamin D levels within optimal range?
    • Maintain high levels of vitamin D by supplementing with vitamin D3 and through natural sunlight exposure. Ask a physician to check your vitamin D levels to ensure they are up to par. The incidence of the flu decreases during the summer months as it correlates with higher levels of vitamin D.
  • Evaluate thyroid status: Individuals with hypothyroidism are prone to chronic and recurrent infections. If you have symptoms of hypothyroidism, correcting this imbalance is critical for equipping your body’s immune system to fight infections on its own.

For the complete radio interview, listen to the dangers of vaccinations podcast with “Health & Wellness Solutions” guest Dr. Sherri Tenpenny.

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Hotze Health & Wellness Center and immunization expert Dr. Sherri Tenpenny share a different side of the vaccination story by educating on vaccine dangers and natural ways to boost the immune system.


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