CyberCoders Reveals a Step-By-Step Guide for How to Get a Job in 30 Days

The Worldwide Recruiting Firm and Single Largest Source for Technical Jobs in the US Reveals Ten Solid Tips for Finding a Job in a Month

IRVINE, Calif--()--CyberCoders, a leading worldwide recruiting firm that uses technology and exceptional recruiters to find optimum careers for qualified candidates announces the 10 ways jobseekers can land a job in 30 days. In competitive job markets in areas such as technology, sales and healthcare, recruiters offer the following tips to secure a new job.

CyberCoders’ 10 Ways to Get a Job in 30 Days:

1. Create a resume that will get attention and secure the interview.
A resume is a primary marketing tool and should quickly indicate to a hiring manager that the candidate has the qualifications needed for the job. Executive recruiters suggest that a resume should keep wording short and concise, list accomplishments rather than duties, exclude personal interests and ensure there are no grammatical errors. Keep a resume to two pages or less and skip the cover page.

2. Apply only to job openings which are a fit.
A candidate saying they are a “quick learner” is like saying they lack the required job skills. While hardly anyone possesses all of the skills listed in a job description, one will not get the interview unless he or she has at least 75 percent of the requirements. Ensure that the job description is a match for the candidate before applying.

3. Research the potential employer.
Spend some quality time reviewing the company’s website to get a full understanding of the company’s services, products and company culture. Recruiters suggest that candidates offer their knowledge of the organization when appropriate during an interview and then elaborate on why they would be an asset if hired. Knowing a firm’s competitors can also be helpful on an interview. Using company review sites such as can be a great way to see what employees have to say about a company through their reviews section and salary listings.

4. Is the company a cultural fit?
After researching a potential job, ensure that the candidate has a sense of the company culture. Often a company’s culture can be a key factor in determining whether an employee is happy with their employer.

5. Be prepared to move where the jobs are.
CyberCoders consistently researches where the job openings are nationwide. Currently, large cities such as New York and Los Angeles have the highest number of job openings in industries such as technology, healthcare and sales. The full list includes:

Los Angeles, CA
New York, NY
San Francisco, CA
San Jose, CA
Boston, MA
Washington, DC

Being open to relocating can make or break whether one gets a job in 30 days. Many candidates who received their job through CyberCoders move to a new city for a few years to get the experience they need and then relocate to the city they really want to live in after they improved their knowledge base and resume.

6. The jobseeker must sell their qualifications during the interview.
Ensure that the interviewee understands why the candidate is qualified for the job. Sharing past accomplishments in a way that is relevant to the current job opening can be a strategic way to ensure the hiring manager knows the candidate’s capabilities without boasting.

7. Be flexible on salary.
Being flexible and willing to compromise can be a great asset in today’s hiring environment. Look for additional bonuses if the salary is not the exact salary requested. Benefit programs and employee incentives can also be a factor in determining overall long-term happiness in the end these types of programs may equate to be more valuable than a salary increase.

8. Looking for a job is a full time job.
CyberCoders recruiters say that candidates looking for a job can spend up to 8 hours a day researching job opportunities. They suggest treating a job search as a full-time job. Candidates who are up to speed on the latest job postings often have the upper hand. CyberCoders offers job alerts right to your mobile which can help candidates apply for a job as soon as it is posted. Posting resumes on,,, and can be key when job hunting.

9. Revamp one’s online presence if necessary.
Most hiring managers in today’s job market will research a candidate’s background and their online reputation. Ensure that content posted on social media sites represents the same brand presented at the time of the interview.

10. Timing is everything.
Recruiters say timing has a large impact on overall hiring performance. They suggest that candidates be open to possibilities researching and networking at every opportunity and being ready if a job opening happens to have their resume in hand for the opportunity.

Heidi Golledge, CEO and Co-founder of CyberCoders, remains highly optimistic about job opportunities for candidates and says, “Recruiters work hand in hand with hiring managers, to ensure they find candidates that will grow and propel their brands.” Recruiters work with thousands of jobseekers to find the right career fit and are typically paid by the company to find the best candidates. They work with candidates at no cost to find the best possible position and help the employee negotiate a great compensation package.

“At CyberCoders, we see that the most successful new employees are those who understand their strengths, come prepared for the interview and research their potential employer to ensure the company is a right fit on multiple levels,” says Golledge.

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CyberCoders Reveals a Step-By-Step Guide for How to Get a Job in 30 Days


Alia Henson, 949-333-5566
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