Earth911 Announces 1 Million Ways to Recycle

Recycling directory hits major milestone for listings

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--()--Looking for recycling options is 1 million times easier today than it was 20 years ago.

Earth911, Inc., host of the largest and most accurate recycling directory in North America, recently added its 1 millionth recycling listing to its directory. The milestone highlights significant growth in the company, as well as increased opportunities to reclaim valuable materials across a myriad of waste streams.

Working to provide accurate and locally based recycling and proper disposal information since 1991, today the Earth911 Recycling Directory provides resources for 300 different materials and products. The directory hosts resources spanning the globe including Canada, the U.K., Mexico and China, but with a majority in the U.S.

The Earth911 Recycling Directory is the backbone of its business, and over the years, Earth911 has invested significant resources in growing, verifying and sharing this information. The directory is available for free to the public via, iRecycle for Android and iOS, and via the toll-free, bi-lingual hotline 1-800-CLEANUP. In addition, every resource is verified and updated by Earth911’s Recycling Program Services team, who actively work with local officials, corporate sustainability representatives and key influencers.

"Earth911 could not have reached this milestone without the support of our worldwide network of data providers, including local recycling officials, retailers with public-facing recycling programs and commercial recycling companies," said Earth911’s Senior Waste Stream Analyst Trey Granger. "Our directory offers the entire scope of recycling availability in a given area, allowing consumers to make a choice when it comes to responsible disposal of their everyday products."

Key facts about the Earth911 Recycling Directory:

  • Information goes beyond plastic bags and newspaper: Find where to recycle odds and ends from mattresses and floppy disks to keys and yoga mats.
  • Resources include proper disposal for products that pose environmental and health risks, such as motor oil, paint and pesticides.
  • Electronics, such as computers, cell phones and mp3 players, are the most often searched items.

“Our goal is to make this information as accessible, understandable and usable to contribute to raising the rate of recycling across the world,” said Barry Monheit, CEO of Earth911. “Our key strategic partnerships with companies who are leading the movement toward sustainable business models are a large part of the growth we are seeing today.”

Earth911 will celebrate this milestone with coverage on and social media giveaways throughout the week. Visit or follow @Earth911 to learn more.

About Earth911

Earth911 gathers, distributes and analyzes localized recycling information to assist manufacturers, organizations and consumers with product end-of-use solutions. Since 1991, Earth911’s services have enhanced companies’ responsible waste initiatives and worked to increase consumer recycling. Through its Recycling Directory, Earth911 hosts the largest and most accurate compilation of recycling information in the nation, boasting more than 800,000 recycling and disposal resources. Follow @Earth911 on Twitter and Like Earth911 on Facebook at


Earth911, Inc.
Jennifer Berry, 480-889-2650

Release Summary

Earth911's Recycling Directory now contains more than 1 million recycling listings, making it easier than ever for people to find how, where and why to recycle in their local communities.


Earth911, Inc.
Jennifer Berry, 480-889-2650