Litton Announces "ABC Weekend Adventure"

Six High Definition, Original E/I Series Launch This Fall on ABC Affiliates

PASADENA, Calif.--()--Dave Morgan, CEO of Litton Entertainment, today unveiled ABC Weekend Adventure, a block of six, all-new, half-hour, high definition E/I series debuting September 3rd on ABC Affiliates across the country. Produced by Litton Studios, ABC Weekend Adventure represents a landmark partnership between ABC Affiliates and Litton. "We're E/I Pioneers," said Morgan. "ABC Weekend Adventure is a compelling group of programs that will engage viewers of all ages and particularly 13-16 year olds. Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in broadcasting's mission to serve the educational needs of America's families."

ABC Weekend Adventure will air Saturday mornings in most markets following Good Morning America on 95% of the country’s ABC Affiliates, including the ABC owned stations. The three-hour block features programming that inspires viewers to explore the Earth, dive below the ocean's surface, give back to their communities and design a new recipe for healthier living. "On behalf of the ABC Affiliates, I applaud Dave and the Litton team,” said Bill Hoffman, Vice President and General Manager of WSB-TV in Atlanta. “ABC Weekend Adventure will ensure that our television stations continue to provide quality educational, entertaining programming for our audience. This fresh and dynamic slate is an exciting educational adventure that compels viewers to participate in their world. We couldn't be more pleased to be partnering with Litton and look forward to ABC Weekend Adventure's debut on September 3rd."

The adventure begins with the world's premiere wildlife expert and animal ambassador, Jack Hanna. Hanna epitomizes the gold standard in E/I Programming, and in Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown, he engages animal lovers in a fun and fresh new format. Each week, Jack counts down from ten to one in endless categories that offer unique lessons about the world's animals. As America's most celebrated wildlife teacher, Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown unleashes the power of television in this interactive celebration of the animals with which we share our planet.

Next, Jeff Corwin is best known for his Emmy® Award winning shows on the Disney Channel, Discovery and Animal Planet and now, Jeff joins ABC Weekend Adventure as host of Ocean Mysteries. Based at the world's largest aquarium, Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Jeff, supported by a team of Georgia Aquarium experts, takes us below the surface to explore the Earth's least understood resource, our oceans. Corwin will reveal countless animals that live, work and play beneath the sea, allowing viewers to connect with aquatic animals and learn how important they are to all life on our planet. We'll dive with Jeff to discover misunderstood sharks and discover if prehistoric sea creatures are still alive. Ocean Mysteries is a riveting undersea adventure where the depths of the ocean open up along with our imagination.

The adventure continues with an explorer who knows no boundaries. Renowned adventurer and the youngest president in Explorers Club history, Richard Wiese is Born To Explore. Every week, Wiese uncovers amazing facts of nature and man-made treasures. Richard likes to look up, sideways and around, and his inquisitive nature is contagious. As Richard says, "There should never be a disconnect between us and our world. Once we start exploring, it's amazing what's been right in front of us all along." As the Registered Climbing Guide for teens at The Museum of Natural History, Richard is the ultimate social studies teacher and ABC Weekend Adventure's real life Indiana Jones.

From Mark Koops, the creator and producer of The Biggest Loser comes Agents of Change, an inspirational program about people who confront challenges by taking control. Through captivating storytelling, Agents of Change will report on amazing teens and other selfless Americans who are 'paying it forward' with good will and new ideas that will inspire other teens to take action. Agents of Change will celebrate philanthropy, demonstrating how one person can make a difference. Executive Producer Mark Koops comments, "Our team of hosts will show young people how we're all in this together, there is help out there, those people are all around us, offering solutions, guiding us to better, healthier lives. I'm honored to bring this program to ABC Weekend Adventure...let's get started."

The New York Times called Tom Lynch the creator of the “tween” genre. From Tom Lynch Co. and Lee Gaither's Basil Street Media comes The Delicious Adventures of Claire Thomas. Host Claire Thomas is passionate about food, and her culinary creations are inspired by everyday life. Claire believes creative inspiration can come from any place at any time, whether it be from family, or friends, or even bloggers. Each week, Claire brings her kitchen to the streets and communities, where people live and work exploring new ideas, trends and ways for teens to enjoy good food while pursuing a healthy lifestyle. A native Californian, Claire sees food as a uniting force with our environment, family and friends.

ABC Weekend Adventure concludes with Culture Click, a hip social studies experience hosted by Nzinga Blake. A rising star from E! Entertainment, the web is just the starting point for Nzinga in her quest for knowledge. Culture Click is a highly interactive journey that evokes curiosity about our world. Produced in a stylized news magazine format, Nzinga will teach in a completely modern environment instantly connecting information as it travels through different decades. Six degrees of separation takes on a whole new meaning, and there's no limit to what viewers will learn when they experience Culture Click.

In addition to revealing the programming line-up, Dave Morgan also announced the formation of ABC Weekend Adventure's E/I Advisory Board. This distinguished group of experts will advise Litton on program content and FCC Compliance. The board members will be announced shortly.

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Release Summary

ABC Weekend Adventure is a block of six, all-new, half-hour, high definition E/I series debuting September 3rd on ABC Affiliates across the country produced by Litton Studios.


Litton Entertainment
Meg LaVigne, 617.340.4155