Face Recognition API from Face.com Transitions from Alpha to Beta

Improved Face Recognition REST API offers thousands of developers improved Face Grouping and Faster, More Accurate Face Detection

TEL AVIV, Israel--()--Face.com, the global leader in face recognition on the Web, today announced a complete overhaul of their REST API that now offers developers faster and more accurate face detection and face grouping with better support for bulk tagging applications. These features are now available at no cost.

Face.com offers a technology platform with best-in-class facial recognition software, using proprietary software and algorithms to efficiently scan photos. The technology is able to search for, identify and match faces in photos. The software is effective and highly efficient, able to recognize faces with a high degree of accuracy, and process thousands of images in short periods of time. Face.com developed popular software for the Facebook platform including Phototagger and Photofinder. These are two examples of the technology that help to identify and suggest tags for photos, as well as locating photos of oneself or one’s friends respectively.

Thousands of developers around the world are creating innovative consumer applications that access the REST API and leverage face recognition software from Face.com. The updated API also powers apps from EyeBuyDirect as well as other large brand names including AXE, Orbit and Ralph Lauren. As Face.com’s face recognition API moves from Alpha to Beta, the updates incorporate improved capabilities as well as higher call limits for participating developers. Some of the specific capabilities available within the API include:

  • Over 10,000 developers are using the API since launch
  • The API service is FREE, and allows developers to process hundreds of thousands of photos daily
  • In Alpha the API allowed developers to scan 200 photos per hour - in Beta developers can now scan 5,000 photos per hour, for free
  • Improved technology with new features capable of picking up more faces in photos, and identifying them more accurately
  • New ability to group similar faces together, great for supporting bulk-tagging
  • Easy integration with Facebook - recognize Facebook friends in photos on Facebook Connected apps
  • Easy integration with Twitter – search and tag for twitter faces across photo services

“We’ve already received an overwhelming response from developers who understand the unlimited opportunity for leveraging face recognition in consumer applications,” said Gil Hirsch, CEO of Face.com. “Face.com’s new face recognition API offers cutting edge technology that developers from around the world will use to build new and interesting products.”

Face.com originated in Israel; their technology has now “discovered” over 18 billion faces across its APIs and Facebook applications Phototagger and Photofinder. Face.com’s Phototagger technology works by scanning photos, batching subjects into groups and suggesting tags for faces it has identified. The software is effective irrespective of facial expression, questionable lighting, background, picture angle and even focus of the pictures. Photofinder scans photos belonging to the user, as well as photos from their social network, and then suggests names for untagged photos. It’s a useful tool for finding photos of oneself or one’s friends that you didn’t know existed. Face.com mirrors the user’s Facebook privacy settings.

About Face.com:

Face.com is a technology company with best-in-class face recognition software. Designed for the Web, Face.com tech is available to developers via a robust and free REST API. Their developer platform enables thousands of publishers and software developers to automatically detect and recognize faces in photos, creating original apps that leverage their facial recognition technology. Face.com has two successful face recognition apps for the Facebook platform, PhotoTagger and PhotoFinder. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel with offices in New York, Face.com reaches hundreds of millions of users worldwide, and has scanned 18 billion photos and counting. More than ten thousand developers actively leverage their powerful face recognition API. For more information, please visit Face.com

Face.com is a registered trademark or trademarks of Face.com, and/or its subsidiaries. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders. Face.com reserves the right to alter product offerings and specifications at any time without notice.

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Face.com Website: http://www.FACE.com

Face.com Developer Website: http://www.developers.face.com/


For Face.com
David Speiser, 650-515-6635 (Media)

Release Summary

Face.com face recognition software available to developers via a free REST API.


For Face.com
David Speiser, 650-515-6635 (Media)