Celebrity Valentines Revealed in New Survey From omg! on Yahoo!

No. 1 celebrity site names Jennifer Aniston and Johnny Depp as dream Valentine’s Day dates; Snooki and Justin Bieber as nightmare dates; and “Titanic” as favorite romantic movie

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--()--Jennifer Aniston is the number one female celebrity “dream date” for Valentine’s Day and Johnny Depp is the top choice for male celebrity date, according to a Valentine’s Day survey from omg! on Yahoo! (http://omg.yahoo.com), the number one celebrity news website. Amongst gay males, Ryan Reynolds is the top choice and Angelina Jolie earns the spot amongst lesbian women.

Omg! on Yahoo! asked 2,000 people for their picks for the best romantic movie, which celebrity they would cheat on a significant other with, which tween celebrities they would want to date their child, and other Valentine’s Day-themed questions.

Nightmare Dates

Many people said they would not want to take “Jersey Shore” star Snooki out on a Valentine’s Day date – outings with gossip-magnets Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian are preferred. A third of adults say it would be a nightmare to go out on Valentine’s Day with youngster Justin Bieber, even more so than dating recent social pariahs Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen.

Celebrity Infidelity

Most people would be faithful to their partners, even when presented with hot celebrity alternatives. But among the roughly 50% of hypothetical female cheaters, Johnny Depp is the most popular candidate. Red -carpet sirens Jessica Alba and Angelina Jolie have the potential to break up a relationship, with about a quarter of men choosing them as their cheating partners. Those under age 35 are most inclined to take advantage of a celebrity affair.

Movies & Music

Despite the water’s frigidity, the heat between Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet made “Titanic” the top vote for all-time favorite romantic movie. Women – predictably – are bigger romantics than men.

Country/pop sensation Taylor Swift is the number one singer adults would choose to serenade them on Valentine’s Day, especially for men and those under age 35. Women most want Michael Buble to sing to them.

Parental Picks

Parents picked Dakota Fanning, Miley Cyrus, and Selena Gomez for their top choices as dates for their teenage sons. Selena, however, is the only one who is liked equally by moms and dads. Miley is much more popular among dads, while the wholesome Dakota is top choice for moms.

Moms and dads alike seem to be very protective of their teenage daughters, picking celebrity chastity-ring-wearer Nick Jonas as a date for the girls on Valentine’s Day.


Dream Female Celebrity Date:

1. Jennifer Aniston (24%)

2. Angelina Jolie (20%)

3. Taylor Swift (19%)

4. Kim Kardashian (16%)

5. Katy Perry (16%)

6. Rihanna (10%)

7. Lindsay Lohan (9%)

8. Snooki (4%)

Dream Male Celebrity Date:

1. Johnny Depp (25%)

2. Brad Pitt (17%)

3. Ryan Reynolds (12%)

4. Taylor Lautner (8%)

5. Robert Pattinson (7%)

6. Drake (5%)

7. Justin Bieber (3%)

Nightmare Female Celebrity Date:

1. Snooki (41%)

2. Paris Hilton (36%)

3. Courtney Love (33%)

4. Lindsay Lohan (31%)

5. Kim Kardashian (19%)

Nightmare Male Celebrity Date:

1. Justin Bieber (33%)

2. Kanye West (31%)

3. The Situation (29%)

4. Mel Gibson (28%)

5. Charlie Sheen (24%)

6. John Mayer (14%)

7. Ashton Kutcher (9%)

Favorite Male Celebrity to Cheat With:

1. Johnny Depp (19%)

2. George Clooney (18%)

3. Ryan Reynolds (10%)

4. James Franco (6%)

Favorite Female Celebrity to Cheat With:

1. Jessica Alba (24%)

2. Angelina Jolie (23%)

3. Halle Berry (20%)

4. Jessica Biel (18%)

Favorite Romantic Movie of All Time

1. Titanic (27%)

2. The Notebook (20%)

3. You’ve Got Mail (12%)

4. When Harry Met Sally (11%)

5. The Proposal (9%)

Favorite Singer to Serenade You:

1. Taylor Swift (19%)

2. Michael Buble (14%)

3. Katy Perry (13%)

4. Lady Gaga (8%)

5. John Mayer (8%)

Parents’ Pick: Female Star Allowed to Date Your Teenager

1. Dakota Fanning (22%)

2. Miley Cyrus (22%)

3. Selena Gomez (21%)

4. Miranda Cosgrove (11%)

5. Victoria Justice (9%)

Parents’ Pick: Male Star Allowed to Date Your Teenager

1. Nick Jonas (22%)

2. Justin Bieber (17%)

3. Taylor Lautner (15%)

4. Jaden Smith (18%)

5. Kyle Massey (3%)

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About the Survey:

Yahoo! partnered with Ipsos OTX MediaCT to conduct the Valentine’s Day omg! Celebrity Survey in January 2011. We interviewed n=2002 U.S. consumers 18-64 via an online quantitative survey. Some questions allowed respondents to choose all that apply.


Media Contact/ Survey Contact:
Yahoo! Communications
Becky Auslander, 212-381-6909


Media Contact/ Survey Contact:
Yahoo! Communications
Becky Auslander, 212-381-6909