LinkedIn Data Reveals the Best Months of the Year for Professionals in the United States to Get a Promotion

World’s largest professional network shares tips to help professionals get promoted in 2011

Annual job promotions: trends by industry (Graphic: Business Wire)

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--()--LinkedIn, the world's largest professional network with more than 90 million members worldwide, today released data in regards to the best months of the year to get a promotion. If you’re a valued employee, this may be the year to start angling for a raise. A Buck Consultants survey titled, "Compensation Planning for 2011," notes that workers in the U.S. can expect only modest pay raises this year, although salary increases for 2011 will average 2.8 percent, an increase from the two previous years.

According to LinkedIn’s data, the top three months for professionals in the U.S. to get promoted within their company are:

1. January

2. June

3. July

LinkedIn’s analytics team also found that certain industries in the U.S. see interesting spikes for when promotions occur throughout the year. For instance, the professionals in the following industries: accounting, defense & space, education management, higher education, military, non-profit organization management and research all tend to see a spike in promotions over the summer months more so than other industries.

Globally the top months for professionals to get promoted are:

1. January

2. July

3. September

LinkedIn’s data also revealed that the promotions cycle for professionals is gradually changing due in part to millennials or professionals that were born in the 1980s. Millennials are the professionals who are the most likely to be promoted throughout the year (rather than just in January which is the case for most professionals). In the 1990s, January was by far the best month to get promoted for all professionals around the globe. In the 2000s, data from LinkedIn showed that January is still the best month for promotions, but it’s slowly losing its hold. Over time, it’s becoming increasingly likely that global professionals will get promoted during other months of the year.

“LinkedIn was launched in 2003, but our data allows us to identify professional trends that span decades,” said DJ Patil, LinkedIn's chief scientist. "By shedding light on professional patterns, we hope to help our members achieve their career goals by using LinkedIn in the most effective and productive way possible.”

“One of the best ways to get promoted is by promoting yourself,” said Lindsey Pollak, a career and workplace expert. “LinkedIn is the perfect place for professionals to get clients, vendors and other third parties to post recommendations on their profile. By encouraging other professionals to champion the work you do in your current role, you’ll be more likely to advance to the next level.”

Here is how professionals can leverage LinkedIn to land a promotion:

Shine the Spotlight on New Skills

Impress your manager by learning new skills that go above and beyond your current role. Make sure your LinkedIn Profile is complete and includes all the skills you’ve acquired. Expanding your horizons while working full time is a commendable endeavor that’s worth calling attention to. If your company offers an education reimbursement program, take advantage of it. If you have industry certifications or went back to school for a higher degree, mention them in your profile and during your review.

Get Connections in High Places

LinkedIn Advanced People Search lets you search by title so you can find professionals that have the position you want to be promoted to. Reaching out to mentors and peers is one way to prep for that 2011 promotion. After the promotion, a strong relationship with a peer will give you a friendly ear you can rely on for advice if things get tough.

Toot Your Horn

Remind your manager of your accomplishments. Even if they were monumental, he or she may have forgotten about them. Document milestones in your career by requesting quality recommendations on LinkedIn. If a customer sends you an email thanking you for the amazing event you put together for them in record time, gently suggest that they provide you with a recommendation (if they feel comfortable doing so) and also forward the email to your manager so they’re aware of the praise you’re receiving.

To learn more about LinkedIn’s best months of the year to get promoted data, check out our blog post.

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