SRS Launches Web Portal to Give Shareholders Online Status of Economic Interests Post-Closing

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Until recently, shareholders have largely been in the dark about the status of consideration that is held back after an M&A transaction, even though substantial amounts of money are at stake. In many cases, they had no idea how much, if any, of such consideration would be paid or when payments should be expected. SRS | Shareholder Representative Services today launched a web portal to provide investors with an online, consolidated view of all their escrow holdings. Current SRS customers have already tested and begun using the portal in beta mode.

For the first time, shareholders have online access to information for auditing, valuation and cash flow planning purposes related to consideration tied up in escrow. This includes information about whether claims had been made against their interests, what those claims might be, how much money they should be expecting back, and when a release might occur. While investors once used sweeping rules of thumb to value their holdings, they now have the information at their fingertips to analyze and forecast more accurately. For investors who hire SRS for multiple deals, the web portal offers a consolidated view of all their holdings.

“Before SRS, the post-closing period was a black box to most investors, who were often not given adequate updates or information about the status of their consideration,” said Kathy Murphy, CFO, Trinity Ventures and SRS customer and Beta Portal user. “With the new Portal, SRS has expanded the role of shareholder representative to provide convenient and current reporting and has become a highly valuable resource for Trinity.”

“Our primary goal is to provide the highest level of service to our clients and one of the ways we can do that is by offering access to online information,” said Mark Vogel, Managing Director of SRS. “We were the first to provide monthly statements and now we’ve taken our reporting services one step further. We’ve truly lifted the veil on the post-closing process.”

The portal enables investors to:

  • View how current balances break out across deals to see from a high level which deals impact them the most.
  • Perform accurate cash flow planning with timely information regarding when money is planned for release and available for new investments and what money is being held aside due to pending claims.
  • Conduct historical analyses with the ability to look back in time to see how monthly balances have changed.
  • Fully understand the details of each individual transaction, including initial deposits, investment earnings, additional deposits, expenses, and releases.
  • Stay up-to-date on all relevant information that can be shared without violating confidentiality obligations.
  • Ask questions and request support through the portal.

A click-by-click video demonstration of the SRS Portal is available on the SRS web site,

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Release Summary

Shareholder Representative Services today launched a web portal to provide investors with an online, consolidated view of all their escrow holdings.


Jon Greer, 510-547-7123