Inocras and IMBdx Announce Strategic Partnership to Transform Cancer Patient Care in the U.S.

L to R: Jehee Suh, CEO of Inocras, Tae-You Kim, CEO of IMBdx (Photo: Business Wire)

SAN DIEGO--()--Inocras and IMBdx have announced a partnership aimed at enhancing care for cancer patients in the U.S. Through this partnership, Inocras, a leader in whole genome sequencing diagnostics, and IMBdx, an innovator in liquid biopsy-based diagnostics for cancer, will be able to provide broader offerings for cancer patients and their providers.

Inocras specializes in cancer profiling using whole genome sequencing (WGS), capturing over 99% of an individual's genomic makeup. This allows for a broader analysis of mutations and complex variations, allowing for deeper insights into a patient's condition. IMBdx has developed a comprehensive portfolio of liquid biopsies for the cancer diagnosis and treatment cycle. The company was recently listed on the KOSDAQ in South Korea.

The partnership will focus on Inocras providing IMBdx’s liquid biopsy-based cancer diagnostics in the U.S. market, creating alternatives for patients and their providers when genetic testing from tissue biopsy is not feasible. This joint initiative introduces a new model of patient care, leveraging advanced two technologies in genetic testing - whole genome data and liquid biopsy.

"Our collaboration with IMBdx marks a significant step forward in our mission to transform healthcare for cancer and rare disease patients," said Jehee Suh, CEO of Inocras. "We think of patients at the core and are trying to create more options for patients and providers. By combining our strengths, we're not just delivering advanced diagnostic services, we're contributing to creating a pathway to a more effective cancer care journey.”

About Inocras Inc:

Inocras Inc. (formerly Genome Insight, Inc) is a pioneering provider of whole genome sequencing and analytics for cancer and rare diseases. The company is dedicated to unlocking the potential of genomic data to enable precision health for everyone. For more information about Inocras and our services, please visit

About IMBdx:

IMBdx is at the forefront of liquid biopsy technology, developing advanced diagnostic tools that capture and analyze circulating biomarkers to detect and monitor diseases more effectively and non-invasively.


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