Teaches Nation to “Tack Bahstin”

  • Challenges consumers to test knowledge of Boston English with an online quiz
  • Translates tweets using Talk Boston Tweet Translator
  • Hosts ‘Boston as a Second Language’ videos
  • Reminds nation to take advantage of DISH’s iPad 2 offer screenshot of Boston as a Second Language videos (Photo: Business Wire)

ENGLEWOOD, Colo.--()--DISH (NASDAQ: DISH) invites people nationwide to learn how to “Talk Boston” – or as a Boston native might say, “Tack Bahstin.” The company today launched a campaign reminding Americans to take advantage of DISH’s iPad 2 offer available this summer.

“The Boston dialect incorporates one of America’s most distinct and beloved accents, and is a trademark of the Boston Guys, the stars of our Hopper commercials,” said James Moorhead, DISH’s senior vice president and chief marketing officer. “ features interactive games and lesson videos that make learning Boston as a second language fun.” has several Boston-English interactive features including:

  • Boston-English Vocabulary Resource: Pronounced by DISH’s Boston Guys, Boston-English translations of common vocabulary words, such as “awfa” (“offer”), “bahgan” (“bargain”), and “fadaze” (“for days”).
  • Talk Boston Test: Players race against the clock or friends to decipher dozens of words spelled in Boston English.
  • Talk Boston Tweet Translator: First-of-its-kind translator which automatically turns tweets into Boston English.
  • “Boston as a Second Language” Class Videos: Led by a native Bostonian instructor fluent in Boston English: Kahkeez, Hoppa, Escalayta vs. Stayas, are a few videos of the series that follows students as they learn the nuances of the Boston accent.

In addition to the website, the campaign includes a collection of social videos with notable Boston celebrities making appearances, including current New England Patriot Vince Wilfork.

"After nearly a decade in New England, I’m proud to be Bostonian. But the accent was a little tough for me to understand. Learning how to talk Boston with DISH has made me more comfortable than ever before at the place I call home,” said Wilfork.


The Talk Boston campaign is designed to entertain current and prospective DISH customers and remind America about DISH’s iPad 2 offer currently available.

New DISH subscribers are given the choice of an iPad 2 instead of first year programming discounts when they sign up for the Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR and a qualified programming package. Using the iPad, new customers will benefit from a comprehensive TV anywhere experience (DISH Anywhere™) driven by the industry-leading Hopper entertainment platform. The promotion runs through Sept. 18, 2013.

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DISH invites people nationwide to learn how to “Talk Boston” – or as a Boston native might say, “Tack Bahstin.” The company today launched a campaign reminding Americans to take advanta


John Tagle, 303-723-3348