Moosylvania Study Reveals the Top 10 Mobile Apps in the U.S. and What to Know Before You Create One

ST. LOUIS--()--What are the top 10 mobile apps favored by men and by women? How often do they use them? Should brands focus on mobile apps? Are marketers better off investing in mobile web platforms?

Moosylvania, the digital, branding, promotion and experiential agency, commissioned a national study to find out the answers to these questions and more on smartphone usage. The study, designed by Great Questions, LLC and fielded by First Choice Facilities Research, polled 7,000 respondents – split equally among men and women – 99% ages 18+. Of those 7,000 respondents, 61% use a smartphone, and 80% of the smartphone users use apps. The results have been incorporated into Moosylvania’s “Moose Tracker Mobile App Check” (, an ongoing survey site, which also catalogs more than 700 mobile and social media case studies.

“Apps can be an incredible brand experience and provide an extraordinary level of connectivity with consumers,” said Norty Cohen, president and founder of Moosylvania. “But with 300,000 apps currently available, only a handful of mobile apps completely dominate leaving the rest fighting for an audience.”

“Against that backdrop, the Moosylvania Study found that 30 apps were the norm per smartphone, but most mobile app users (85% men and 75% women) reported that they only use about 10 of them on a regular basis. This should give marketers pause before jumping on the mobile app bandwagon.”

The top 10 apps cited among the male respondents who use mobile apps were Google Maps (14%) followed by Facebook (13%), Pandora (6%), Weather (3.2%), ESPN (3.1%), Angry Birds (2.0%), Words With Friends (1.4%), Shazam (1.3%) and Yahoo (0.9%). Twitter and Yelp! tied for tenth place (0.8% each).

For female respondents who use mobile apps, the top 10 app picks were Facebook (27%), Google Maps (7%), Weather (5%). Pandora (4.5%), Twitter (2.9%), Google (2.5%), Words With Friends (2.4%), Shazam (1.4%) and Solitaire (1.1%). Bank of America and Calendar tied for tenth place (0.9% each).

Despite the seemingly endless hype over apps, almost half (48%) of the mobile app users in the Moosylvania Study said they used the internet more than apps on their smartphones. This begs the question: Are mobile websites a viable and, in some cases, more cost-efficient option to consider?

To find out what you need to know before you develop a mobile app strategy, download a free copy of the Moosylvania Study at For a complete list of the top mobile apps in the U.S. cited by the Moosylvania respondents, email

Methodological Notes

Moosylvania created the Survey to better understand consumers’ smartphone usage. The study, which was designed and analyzed by Great Questions, LLC and managed by Hatch Global Research, was fielded by First Choice Facility Network with additional support from Focus Crossroads between October 27 and November 2, 2010 using an online survey among a total of 7,000 respondents (3,500 men; 3,500 women) of whom 99% were ages 18+. Results are incorporated into an ongoing survey site,, which catalogs 700+ mobile and social case studies.

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Release Summary

Moosylvania Marketing's national study on smartphone usage reveals America’s favorite mobile apps, what brands need to know before creating one and whether mobile websites are a better option.


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