BuildingIQ Completes World’s First Optimized Demand Response Trial for Commercial Buildings

Predictive Energy Optimization Demonstrates the Next-Generation of Intelligent Peak Load Management

SYDNEY--()--BuildingIQ, an energy management software company, successfully completed its Demand Response (DR) application trial today with Western Power, a leading Australian utility, and the City of Perth. BuildingIQ’s DRiQ application was installed in Perth’s historic Council House building, marking the world’s first deployment of a system that uses Predictive Energy Optimization for Demand Response events. The trial with Western Power and the City of Perth was run at the end of its successful pilot of the BuildingIQ system in Perth Council House, and reduced peak energy loads by up to 30 percent during event days.

Demand Response programs are used by utilities to reduce peak load energy consumption in commercial buildings, which consumes 20 percent of energy in the U.S. Successfully marrying “inside the meter” energy management with “outside the meter” smart grid applications, BuildingIQ’s DRiQ is able to satisfy load reduction requirements of these DR programs.

“We sponsored this trial with BuildingIQ because of its potential to reduce peak electricity demand on the grid, and we are pleased to be part of demonstrating such an innovative demand management technology,” said Peter Martino, Demand Management Manager at Western Power. “Reducing peak loads during critical demand days is an important focus of Western Power, and being able to dynamically manage this while considering tenant comfort is a key to getting building owners to participate in demand response management programs.”

BuildingIQ’s DRiQ is the first system that can predict and then dynamically manage energy through a DR event, with a unique ability to reduce energy usage while minimizing tenant impact. The system gathers the building’s unique thermal characteristics and capacity to shed loads, pre-plans the energy use in the building based on weather forecasts and the DR parameters, and then continuously shapes the energy use in the building to optimize cost, emissions and occupant comfort.

Jevan Fox, Cleantech Analyst for Pike Research, noted, “Demand Response will ultimately become an application within a broader energy management platform. The ability to manage Demand Response signals and events while optimizing a building to make it increasingly energy efficient will be vital for commercial end-users.”

“BuildingIQ’s ability to learn a building’s operational capacity and then both control and optimize energy puts it in a unique position when it comes to Demand Response,” said Michael Zimmerman, CEO of BuildingIQ. “BuildingIQ’s DRiQ offers a more intelligent, lower risk and higher value way for building owners to participate in all types of DR programs.”

BuildingIQ is currently targeting pilots with utilities and commercial building owners for its new DRiQ application. More information can be found at

About BuildingIQ

Founded in 2009, BuildingIQ’s technology leverages years of building controls and thermal comfort research carried out by world-leading experts at the Energy Transformed Flagship Division of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia's national research organization. BuildingIQ is the exclusive global licensee of CSIRO’s building energy optimization technology.

BuildingIQ’s mission is to change the way energy is managed in commercial buildings. Addressing the fundamental shortcomings of HVAC systems and the complexity of traditional controls, BuildingIQ’s Predictive Energy Optimization approach reduces energy cost and emissions in commercial buildings.


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Release Summary

BuildingIQ successfully completed its Demand Response application trial with Western Power, marking the world’s first deployment of a system that uses Predictive Energy Optimization for DR events.


Vantage Communications
Tory Patrick, +1-202-558-9826