RedBrick Health Launches Next-Generation Health Assessment

New and innovative health assessment is simple, engaging and GINA-compliant

A cornerstone of RedBrick’s Health Earnings System, health assessment takes conversational approach for starting the process of helping consumers lower health care costs and achieve Health Earnings

MINNEAPOLIS--()--RedBrick Health, the Health EarningsSM company, today announced the launch of its own next-generation, highly interactive health assessment. Integral to RedBrick’s Health Earnings System, the company’s new health assessment is compact, conversational and graphical, all significant departures from conventional health assessments.

“Traditional health assessment questionnaires feel like you’re taking a test,” said Kyle Rolfing, chief executive officer for RedBrick Health. “We believe that’s simply the wrong approach to engaging the majority of consumers in understanding and improving their health. Instead, we’ve taken a different angle and created a modern Web experience that has the feel of a conversation with a trusted coach -- all as part of one seamless path through our Health Earnings System. From start-to-finish, the health management experience has to be easy and fun for consumers.”

RedBrick’s Health Earnings System creates financial alignment and partnership between employers and employees around containing health care costs, while providing employees the integrated tools and resources needed to pro-actively take concrete steps to improve their health and earn lower costs.

Once an employee completes his or her health assessment, RedBrick’s Health Earnings System combines the results with biometric screening data and medical/pharmacy claims data to provide participants with a real-time, personalized recommendations and program enrollment options. Employees can then immediately get started with the help of a “live” health coach by phone or alternatively use an online digital coaching option. At each point along the way, employees have multiple opportunities to earn financial rewards, such as reduced health insurance premiums.

Thoughts from an early user at Brookdale Senior Living

A growing number of RedBrick Health clients are now using its next-generation health assessment, which will be a cornerstone of the company’s 2010-2011 product offering.

“RedBrick’s health assessment is quick and easy with some fun, unique questions mixed throughout it,” said Tamara Storbakken, benefits supervisor for Brookdale Senior Living. “It is a great way to lighten your spirits while focusing on your current health habits. The results at the end of the assessment are easy to understand and put a clear perspective on your current health situation. It was a useful tool to bring health opportunities to the forefront of my mind.”

More Details and Compliance

RedBrick’s health assessment is:

  • Clinically and scientifically driven, consisting of approximately 40 questions versus 100-plus questions found on many traditional health assessments.
  • Fully compliant with the latest GINA (Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008) regulations, even with enhanced risk-identification capabilities.

Additionally, RedBrick’s Health Earnings System dynamically reaches out to participants periodically to provide ongoing opportunities for employees to improve their health score and earn additional financial rewards based on previous interactions and health improvements tracked within the system.

“We enhanced our Health Earnings System with a new health assessment because there wasn’t anything out there that matched the consumer experience we’re striving to create in support of better health and greater financial alignment between employer and employee,” added Rolfing. “Our new assessment is the product of more than two years of consumer feedback and rounds out our Health Earnings experience from day one.

“Ultimately, we have created a transformational benefit-financing model with our Health Earnings model, much like the introduction of the 401K. Your 401K account grows based on the financial investment choices you make. It’s exactly the same with your RedBrick Health Earnings Account. Your Health Earnings grow based on the specific choices you make around investing in improved health.”

About RedBrick Health

RedBrick Health works with large, self-insured employers and their employees, as well as progressive health plans, to create healthier, more productive workforces. RedBrick Health provides its clients and partners a fully integrated Health EarningsSM System that replaces or turns around the performance of traditional health and wellness programs. RedBrick’s Health Earnings System links individual health financing with personalized health programs and advocacy services. As a result, employers can fairly and responsibly limit their financial health liability through increased employee accountability; employees can actively engage in healthy behaviors and earn all the rewards of better health, including lower insurance premiums. The company was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Minneapolis. For more information, visit

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Jon Zurbey, 612-372-6446
Haberman (for RedBrick Health)


Jon Zurbey, 612-372-6446
Haberman (for RedBrick Health)