Sun Microsystems Rocks 2008 JavaOne Conference With JavaFX Rich Client Technology and New Consumer and Developer Technologies That Connect All Facets of Digital Life

Sun Features Stunning Demos and Java-Powered Consumer Technology Innovations From Amazon and Sony Ericsson

Special Guest, Rock Legend Neil Young, Takes Center Stage to Demo Java-Powered Blu-ray Disc Archive Project

JavaOne Conference 2008

SAN FRANCISCO--()--In his opening keynote at the 13th annual JavaOne developer conference, Rich Green, executive vice president of Software at Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ:JAVA), will highlight the role Java(TM) technology plays in powering compelling content and rich end-user experiences across all the screens of your life. Green will provide a new look at the dynamic content, sophisticated services and application mashups made possible by JavaFX(TM), a family of products for creating Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) with immersive media and content. For more information about Sun's announcements at the JavaOne conference visit:

The Java platform is the global standard that powers billions of devices from desktop browsers and computers (800,000) to mobile phones (more than two billion) and Blu-ray Disc players (13 million), TVs (nine million) and other connected consumer products. Green will provide attendees with a look into the future with the latest in Java technology design and development, as well as unveil a roadmap of enhancements to Java, the most widely adopted runtime in the world.

Java technology has evolved to be the most powerful, scalable and secure development platform for a broad range of enterprise and mobile applications, said Green. Consumer demand is where the action is and with 2.2 billion mobile devices and 91 percent of all desktops, Java technology has become a constant digital companion, playing an essential role in everyday life. Java technology is now ready for the new creative audiences that have emerged in response to consumer demand for rich content scripters, social application creators, designers, content authors and consumers who will join the Java ecosystem of more than six million developers to take Java technology in exciting new directions.

JavaFX In Action

During the JavaOne conference, Sun will offer a first look at the newest creations powered by JavaFX Rich Client Technology. Demos, including Movie Cloud, Photo Flocker and Connected Life, will present a vision of creative possibilities to those on the bleeding-edge of design and development. Movie Cloud, a 3D sphere rendering dozens of high definition videos at once, brings style and sophistication to movie collections. The audience will see the future of rendering photos flash before their eyes with elegant photo tagging and display using Sun's Photo Flocker, which enables users to search for specific photos by tags and dynamically view a cascading montage of the resulting shots. The Connected Life demo illustrates how easy it is to create RIAs across multiple screens of your life by delivering an application across a Web browser, social network, desktop operating system and a mobile phone.

Future of JavaFX

Green will then discuss the future of JavaFX software which, for the first time, will empower developers with the option to generate revenue through advertising on mobile applications and will outline a roadmap for the JavaFX family of products that includes a high performance declarative scripting language, JavaFX Script. JavaFX Script is created for Web scripters, designers and developers to quickly build and deliver the next generation of RIAs for desktop, mobile, TV and other consumer devices. Sun will deliver the first version of JavaFX Desktop for the browser and desktop by fall of 2008. Sun is also currently working with most of the leading global handset manufacturers and carriers and plans to deliver the first versions of JavaFX Mobile and JavaFX TV in spring 2009.

For developers interested in the early access version of the JavaFX runtime for the browser and desktop, this summer Sun will launch a new JavaFX preview program and a Web site focused on the needs of scripters and Web developers, as well as a forum to get feedback on the JavaFX preview release. Visit for more information on the JavaFX family of products, the preview program and to view demos of the JavaFX Rich Client Technology in action.

Partners and Rock Legend Take the Stage

Green will be joined on stage by industry leaders who will discuss how Java is a core platform for their businesses and demonstrate new devices and applications running on Java technology. Rikko Sakaguchi, senior vice president and head of Portfolio and Proposition at Sony Ericsson, will discuss the role Java technology plays in Sony Ericsson's digital lifestyle initiative and in its leading consumer products such as the new Sony Ericsson K850i mobile phone. Additionally he will be joined by Ian Freed, vice president of Kindle at Amazon, who will demonstrate how Java technology is powering the Amazon Kindle e-book reader.

Neil Young will also join Green and Jonathan Schwartz, Sun president and CEO, onstage during the JavaOne keynote to announce that he is working on a career retrospective archive project on multiple Java powered Blu-ray Disc packages that will be released by Reprise/Warner Bros. Records. Young will share details on this exciting project and provide a demo of the interactive features that will be available in the new collection. For more information go to or see related press release: Rock Legend Neil Young Joins Sun Microsystems at 2008 JavaOne Conference to Announce Career Archive Blu-ray Disc Series at:

In its continued commitment to open source and building vibrant communities, Sun also hosted CommunityOne on May 5, a dynamic and diverse gathering that includes thousands of developers and members from the Apache Software Foundation, Eclipse, GlassFish(TM), Grails, MySQL(TM), NetBeans(TM), ODF Alliance, OpenSUSE, OpenID,, OpenSolaris(TM), Python, Ruby, Ubuntu and many other communities.

At CommunityOne, Sun announced the availability of the OpenSolaris Operating System (OS) on Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). Additionally, Sun is adding premium technical support for its MySQL database running on Linux and Amazon EC2 to its global support and services offerings. With these new offerings, customers will have access to Sun's innovative open source software running on the Amazon Web Services Platform. Sun and the OpenSolaris community also launched a new version of the OpenSolaris OS, delivering an unrivaled development and deployment environment offering the right mix of rapid innovation, platform stability and support to meet business and development needs. Sun also announced NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) 6.1 Early Access for PHP scripting language, bringing the power of NetBeans to Web 2.0-style developers. Read more about Sun's CommunityOne and announcements at

About the JavaOne Conference

Now, in its 13th year, the annual JavaOne conference brings together a global community of more than 15,000 developers, students, bloggers, social media, Web 2.0 companies and blue-chip businesses along with more than 135 exhibitors from 65 countries together to share the power of Java technology. This year's Conference theme Java + You captures the consumer and developer perspectives and how they experience amazing, consumer-centric Java technology. For consumers interested in downloading the Java platform or learning more about how Java technology impacts their lives, go to, a consumer focused site which boasts more than 20 million visitors per month. For more information about the JavaOne conference, visit

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