ForeSee Results Unveils CS SiteManager 3.0

ANN ARBOR, Mich.--()--ForeSee Results, the market leader in online customer satisfaction measurement and management, today unveiled an enhanced online customer satisfaction analytics service called CS SiteManager 3.0.

Introduced at the 2008 eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit in San Francisco, CS SiteManager 3.0 has multiple upgrades and enhanced capabilities that will continue to help clients reliably measure satisfaction and identify user-centric site improvements that will have the greatest impact on future sales (online and offline), positive word of mouth recommendations, brand engagement and other key metrics.

The new features in CS SiteManager 3.0 include:

  • Enhanced Satisfaction Insight Reviews from an expert team of satisfaction research analysts
  • Usability Audit Reviews designed to provide a prescription for specific improvements once problem areas have been identified by satisfaction data
  • A new, user-friendly online portal that allows clients new self-directed options for accessing both aggregate and segmented data, and for generating ad hoc reports at their convenience
  • Comment Clustering, a proprietary technology which allows clients to continuously review open-ended comments, within the context of satisfaction
  • Extensive subscription-based reporting capabilities providing summary and detailed views across various audience segments

Companies need to quantify the customer satisfaction impact of their website and other online marketing initiatives, and ForeSee Results has delivered the value of an in-depth, comprehensive, scientific approach to customer satisfaction measurement, said Jim Sterne, co-founder of the Web Analytics Association and producer of the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit.

The e-business community has embraced the customer satisfaction analytics that ForeSee Results provides, which is a testament to their effectiveness, added Eric T. Peterson, chief executive officer and principal consultant of Web Analytics Demystified. Hundreds of companies have seen the practical value and predictive capabilities that such a rigorous methodology can bring to the table.

The enhanced features and tools provided by CS SiteManager 3.0 will allow and encourage a new level of sophistication in online customer satisfaction analytics, including:

  • Integration with other analytics that are already working well and providing valuable data, including clickstream analytics
  • Linkage between satisfaction and financial data so that companies can determine the direct value of satisfaction on revenues, profitability, and other KPIs
  • Quantification of the website impact other channels, such as a brick-and-mortar location, catalog, or call center
  • Quantification of the website influence on customers perception of a brand or product
  • Robust benchmarking with specific competitor sites, or across a wide variety of industries and website functions

Weve found the methodology and detailed analysis of customer feedback provides us with actionable insights to guide our Internet strategies, said Dan Cooke, director of interactive marketing for Whirlpool Corporation and one of ForeSee Results hundreds of clients.

According to Carla Borsoi, vice president of research and analytics at, Without Voice of Customer inputs provided by ForeSee Results, many of our testing efforts would have been inconclusive, indicating change but not enough to be statistically significant. The qualitative inputs from ForeSee effectively magnify the results and give us a valuable lens into the world of our consumers and how they can better emotionally connect with Ask.

"Because our business is customer satisfaction, we realize the necessity of satisfying our own customers, said Farris Khan, ForeSee Results Product Director. The upgrades to CS SiteManager are intended to make our statistically rigorous technology as accessible, intuitive and actionable as possible.

Were excited about how these enhancements to CS SiteManager 3.0 will help our clients make the best decisions on which improvements will maximize their website value, said Larry Freed, president and CEO of ForeSee Results.

About ForeSee Results

As the leader in online customer satisfaction measurement, ForeSee Results captures and analyzes online voice of customer data to help organizations increase sales, loyalty, recommendations and website value. Using the methodology of the University of Michigans American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), ForeSee Results identifies the improvements to websites and other online initiatives with the greatest ROI. With over 28 million survey responses collected to date and benchmarks across dozens of industries, ForeSee Results offers unparalleled expertise in customer satisfaction measurement and management. ForeSee Results works with clients across industries, including: retail, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing and government. Clients include Ace Hardware, Kohler, Newegg, QuickenLoans, Sephora, and Whirlpool, among many others.

ForeSee Results, a privately held company, is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan and on the web at


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ForeSee Results
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