New Survey from 800response Highlights Consumer Recall Rates of Advertisements

A recent study reveals that vanity 800 numbers improve consumer recall rates in print media by 84%, and yield a 9 times higher recall rate in broadcast media versus numeric toll-free numbers.

BURLINGTON, Vt.--()--Today 800response (, the leading provider of vanity 800 numbers and web-based call tracking and recording services, announces the results of two recent surveys conducted in conjunction with an online survey firm and research experts. The surveys focus on consumers and measures their recall rates of vanity 800 numbers compared to consumer recall rates of numeric toll-free numbers when featured in advertisements.

The study findings reveal that vanity 800 numbers improve consumer recall rates in visual ads by up to 84%, and yield a nine times higher recall in broadcast ads versus numeric toll-free numbers.

The results of the two surveys confirm the overwhelming value of using unforgettable phone numbers as consumer response tools particularly in television, radio, outdoor, and print advertising where they are significantly easier for consumers to recall after even just one exposure in advertisements, says Laura Noonan, vice president of marketing at 800response.

84% Improvement in Recall Rates with Vanity 800 Numbers in Visual Advertisements

Data shows that when vanity 800 numbers are used in visual media (i.e. television, print, billboard) advertisers can expect to see an 84% improvement in recall rates over numeric phone numbers. Sixty-five percent (65%) of consumers were able to correctly recall a vanity 800 number that was featured in a visual image simulating a billboard or print advertisement. In comparison, only 31% of consumers could correctly recall the numeric toll-free number in a visual image.

Consumers Are 9 Times More Likely to Recall Vanity 800 Numbers in Broadcast Advertisements

A second survey measuring phone number recall shows that an audio file featuring a vanity 800 number yields a nine times higher recall rate compared to an audio file featuring a numeric phone number. Of the survey respondents, 94% correctly recalled the vanity 800 number, with just 5% correctly recalling the numeric toll-free phone number in otherwise identical audio clips.

As ad spending continues to grow, the use of toll-free numbers will also rise because advertisers will continue to look for increasing response rates to their advertising, and will need to track their media spending and ad campaigns. Through this study, and past research, vanity 800 numbers are proven to generate higher recall rates. Based on the statistical data we expect the activation and use of vanity 800 numbers to grow as well, says Noonan.

Additional data from survey #1 reveals that the majority of consumers continue to associate the 800 prefix as a toll-free phone number, and survey #2 also shows that consumers prefer to dial easy-to-remember vanity 800 numbers when reaching a local business in their market.

800 is the Most Widely Recognized Toll-free Prefix

Results confirm that 800 is by far the most widely recognized toll-free prefix among consumers, with a 94% recognition rate. Recognition of the 800 prefix is consistent from 2002 to 2007. However, the 2007 study data shows a decline since 2002 in the recognition rates of 866, 877 and 888 prefixes with just 55%, 56% and 70% recognizing 866, 877, and 888 as toll-free respectively.

When Given a Choice, Consumers Prefer to Dial a Toll-free Vanity 800 Number to Reach a Local Business

After viewing an image that simulated a Yellow PagesTM advertisement, survey data also shows that 58% of respondents prefer to dial a vanity 800 number to reach a local business, rather than dialing a local or toll-free numeric phone number.

Knowing that consumers can better recall vanity 800 numbers in multiple advertising media, and that 58% of consumers prefer to contact a local business by dialing a vanity 800 number, further proves the benefits available to advertisers who utilize a vanity 800 number. These surveys demonstrate that vanity 800 numbers are the strongest consumer response tools available according to recognition and recall rates, says Noonan.

Details of the Surveys: Two electronic surveys were distributed to 1,500+ opted-in respondents. Both surveys were executed through a market research firm, Infosurv, Inc. and e-Rewards, an electronic survey provider. Data analysis was conducted in conjunction with Scott Stevens, Associate Professor, Mathematics Division of Information Technology & Sciences at Champlain College located in Burlington, VT. For more information on the surveys, please contact Jeanne Landau at or visit

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Jeanne Landau, 800-317-8060