Webmasters -- Free Plug-and-Play Mortgage Calculators Now Available From NextStudent

PHOENIX--()--NextStudent, the Phoenix-based premier education funding company, has expanded its free plug-and-play Web site tools database to include 20 new easy-to-integrate and easy-to-use mortgage calculators.

As competition in the mortgage industry steadily increases and interest rates decrease, no longer is it enough for a Web site simply to offer links to other Web sites companies need financial tools to drive traffic to their Web sites and ultimately generate more leads. And NextStudent now offers those tools available to all, free of charge.

Integrating these easy-to-use, free mortgage calculators into your site is as simple as copying and pasting code where the calculators will appear. Companies that are interested in installing any or all of the 20 free mortgage calculators please visit http://www.nextstudentmortgagetools.com for more details and integration information.

Again, these resources are free for use on any Web site. Installation instructions also are available online in PDF and Word documents along with examples of how the installed calculators will appear on a specific Web site. The installation process only should take a few minutes but helps any Web site become a leading home financing resource.

By committing to the highest level of service and the most innovative Web site technology, NextStudent has built a customer and network base that establishes the company as a leader in the education financing industry. With a focus on customer service and technological advancement, NextStudent wants everyone to benefit from its tools regardless of the Web site. By implementing one or all 20 of the free mortgage calculators into a Web site, companies can help their customers quickly evaluate their mortgage options and home financing needs.

Available Calculators:

Affordability Calculator
Buy vs. Rent Calculator
Canadian Mortgage Calculator
How Much Income Do I Need to Qualify Calculator
Interest Only Calculator
Interest Only With Prepayment Calculator
Loan with Interest Only Period Calculator
Mortgage Length Calculator
Mortgage Payment Calculator
Mortgage Principal Calculator
Payment per Thousand Calculator
Second Loan vs. PMI Calculator
Should I Pay Points Calculator
Should I Refinance Calculator
Should I Use Heloc Calculator
Standard vs. Biweekly Calculator
Tax Benefits Calculator
What If I Pay More Calculator
What Is the Real APR Calculator
Which Loan is Better Calculator

About NextStudent

NextStudent, http://www.nextstudent.com/, federal lender code 834051, is dedicated to helping students and their families find affordable ways to pay for college. NextStudent offers one-on-one education finance counseling and has a portfolio of highly competitive education finance products and services including a free online scholarship search engine, federally guaranteed parent and student loans, private student loans, both federal and private student loan consolidation programs, and college savings plans.

The NextStudent Scholarship Search Engine, one of the nations oldest and largest scholarship search engines, is updated daily, available free of charge, completely private and represents 2.4 million scholarships worth $3.4 billion.

For more information about NextStudent and its student loan programs, please visit the companys Web site at http://www.nextstudent.com/.


NextStudent, Phoenix
Jon Heinl, 800-658-6801


NextStudent, Phoenix
Jon Heinl, 800-658-6801