Dorado Introduces New Networked Loan Fulfillment Solution; ChannelMaster/Production Delivers Agile Lead-to-Close Process on a Single, Unified, Networked Platform

SAN MATEO, Calif.--()--March 27, 2006--Dorado Corporation, delivering the power of the network to home lending, today introduced ChannelMaster(R)/Production, a new networked solution for loan fulfillment. ChannelMaster/Production provides comprehensive loan fulfillment capabilities including processing, conditions management, underwriting, closing and funding. Together, ChannelMaster/POS and ChannelMaster/Production provide a comprehensive loan origination and fulfillment solution that enables centralized control of enterprise-wide operations from lead to close on a single, unified, networked platform.

"Dorado has set out to make lending an agile business that is more responsive to customer needs and more profitable for banks," said Dain Ehring, CEO of Dorado Corporation. "One of the ways we are doing this is by removing friction both within the enterprise and between lenders and their customers and partners. ChannelMaster/Production completes the foundation of that effort, which we started with ChannelMaster/POS. We now offer a comprehensive, integrated loan origination and fulfillment solution that provides centralized control over end-to-end operations across your entire business -- every channel, every branch, every product, every process, every partner, every user. That's frictionless business. We couldn't be more excited."

Dorado ChannelMaster/Production is the industry's first networked, multi-channel loan fulfillment solution that enables lenders to consolidate back-office operations and integrate partners and service providers into fulfillment workflow. By eliminating product- or channel-centric silos within a lending enterprise and connecting loan production assets, ChannelMaster/Production gives lenders visibility into all loans and loan production processes. This enables rapid adjustment of programs and processes across the enterprise to ensure business goals are continuously being met.

ChannelMaster/Production gives loan processors, underwriters and other users on-demand access to the Dorado Networked Community of Internet-based applications and services. Services in this Networked Community can be leveraged at any point in the lending process, enabling a "best-of-breed" production strategy. Access to these resources is determined dynamically based on business rules and can be easily adjusted to optimize processing efficiency, quality, and security.

ChannelMaster/Production offers an unparalleled user experience that maximizes both efficiency and transaction quality through the use of rich Internet application technology. Rich Internet applications (RIA) leverage advanced Internet-based technology to provide sophisticated, client-side user interaction in a distributed, Web-based environment.

RIA provides a number of benefits to loan fulfillment. For example, underwriters and processors can efficiently work on multiple loans at once, and multiple users can view loan status, which reduces the distractions and cost associated with phone calls and faxes. This also enables the file to seamlessly change hands as often as required.

ChannelMaster/Production is built on top of the Enterprise Lending Platform, which enables dynamic, event-driven process flows to ensure maximum speed and flexibility. This means that with ChannelMaster/Production, one instance of a service, such as automated underwriting, pricing and eligibility, document ordering, credit ordering, appraisal, or a compliance check, can be leveraged across the enterprise and called upon at any time in the process.

Together, ChannelMaster/POS and ChannelMaster/Production deliver an end-to-end lending solution that integrates and streamlines every step of originating, processing, underwriting, closing, and funding mortgage loans. Their modular architecture, open platform, and on-demand delivery dramatically reduce the cost of professional services customization and decrease development, delivery and deployment time for even the most complex implementations.

"Single channel, proprietary, IT-based mainframe or client-server loan origination systems are expensive to maintain and integrate with the many loan origination subsystems used to complete a loan. The IT architecture of Dorado's new solution is an attractive multi-channel, open standards and component-based origination system alternative for lenders," said Craig Focardi, research director, Consumer Lending, Tower Group.

The Dorado Enterprise Lending System encompasses all Dorado solutions, including ChannelMaster/POS, ChannelMaster/Production, and PriceMaster, as well as the Dorado Networked Community of services.

ChannelMaster/Production is available immediately.

Dorado Corporation

Dorado Corporation delivers an on-demand network of applications and services to the home lending point of sale. Dorado's innovative network-based solutions are utilized by numerous top- and emerging-tier lenders and today enable more than 200,000 lending professionals to increase efficiency and productivity at the point of sale. The solutions also drive cross-sell/up-sell opportunities by increasing workflow flexibility and simplifying technology integrations for leading lenders such as J.P. Morgan Chase, Citi, Countrywide Home Loans, and Washington Mutual.

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