Chevrolet Presents the Major League Baseball Latino Legends Team Unveiled Today; Twelve Players Selected by Fans Honored Prior to Game Four of the 2005 World Series

HOUSTON--()--Oct. 26, 2005--The "Chevrolet Presents the Major League Baseball Latino Legends Team" was unveiled today during a special pre-game ceremony that was broadcast nationally on FOX Sports and around the globe by MLB International prior to Game Four of the 2005 World Series at Minute Maid Park in Houston.

Among those honored as part of the all-time Latino team were current New York Yankees third baseman and nine-time All-Star Alex Rodriguez as well as Hall of Famers Rod Carew, Roberto Clemente and Juan Marichal. Fan balloting on, the official Web site of Major League Baseball, and in participating Chevrolet dealerships, determined the "Chevrolet Presents the MLB Latino Legends Team."

The players selected by the fans to the "Chevrolet Presents the Major League Baseball Latino Legends Team" consist of:

   Catcher             Shortstop
   -------             ---------
   Ivan Rodriguez      Alex Rodriguez

   First Base          Third Base
   ----------          ----------
   Albert Pujols       Edgar Martinez

   Second Base         Starting Pitchers
   -----------         -----------------
   Rod Carew           Pedro Martinez
                       Juan Marichal
   Outfield            Fernando Valenzuela
   Roberto Clemente    Relief Pitcher
   Manny Ramirez       --------------
   Vladimir Guerrero   Mariano Rivera

Today, Latinos make up a significant portion of both the Major League Baseball player and fan bases. As of Opening Day 2005, 204 players born in Latin American countries were on Major League Baseball Club rosters accounting for nearly 25 percent of the overall MLB player base. The Dominican Republic led all countries with 91 players, followed by Venezuela with 46 and Puerto Rico with 34. According to ESPN Sports Poll, more U.S. Hispanics are fans of MLB than any other professional sport and the concentration of the MLB fan base in the U.S. that is Hispanic has grown significantly over the past decade. Since 1996, the percentage of MLB fans that are Hispanic has increased by 31% from 9.5% to 12.4% (ESPN Sports Poll), and today nearly 6.4 million Hispanics consider themselves Major League Baseball fans (Simmons Research).

"Players of Latin American heritage have a deep passion for the game of baseball, and have made immense contributions to the national pastime," said Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig. "This program was created to reflect those contributions and to honor the indelible mark they have left on the game. It is my distinct honor to congratulate each of the twelve players that comprise the final Chevrolet Presents the Major League Baseball Latino Legends Team. "

"We are proud to partner with Major League Baseball in support of this program as it recognizes the most significant Latino players of all-time," said Ed Peper, Chevrolet general manager. "This program was one of many community outreach efforts Chevrolet sponsors in the Hispanic community."

Academy Award nominee, Edward James Olmos emceed the pre-game ceremony, which recognized the 12 players selected by the fans to the all-time Latino team. More than 1,600,000 total votes were cast both online, and in participating Chevrolet dealerships nationwide as part of the program. Fans selected eight position players, one at each infield position and three outfielders, three starting pitchers and one relief pitcher to makeup the "Chevrolet Presents the Major League Baseball Latino Legends Team."

As the presenting sponsor of the "Major League Baseball Latino Legends Team," Chevy launched an exciting sweepstakes which gave one lucky fan a trip for four to Game Four of the 2005 World Series and behind the scenes access to the official unveiling. Fans entered the sweepstakes through the paper ballots available at participating dealerships and online at

First Base
(Top Vote-getter)
1. Albert Pujols, Dominican Republic                      64,952
2. Orlando Cepeda, Puerto Rico                            28,672
3. Tony Perez, Cuba                                       17,986
4. Andres Galarraga, Venezuela                            15,654
5. Rafael Palmeiro, Cuba                                  13,247

Second Base
(Top Vote-getter)
1. Rod Carew, Panama                                      69,868
2. Roberto Alomar, Puerto Rico                            37,545
3. Alfonso Soriano, Dominican Republic                    25,753
4. Jose Vidro, Puerto Rico                                 3,761
5. Juan Samuel, Dominican Republic                         2,998

Third Base
(Top Vote-getter)
1. Edgar Martinez, Puerto Rico                            57,550
2. Bobby Bonilla, Puerto Rico                             24,068
3. Vinny Castilla, Mexico                                 23,577
4. Adrian Beltre, Dominican Republic                      20,468
5. Edgardo Alfonzo, Venezuela                             13,011

(Top Vote-getter)
1. Alex Rodriguez, Dominican Republic                     70,890
2. Luis Aparicio, Venezuela                               24,951
3. Miguel Tejada, Dominican Republic                      23,369
4. Dave Concepcion, Venezuela                             16,470
5. Omar Vizquel, Venezuela                                 6,308

(Top Vote-getter)
1. Ivan Rodriguez, Puerto Rico                            80,167
2. Tony Pena, Dominican Republic                          25,164
3. Javy Lopez, Puerto Rico                                12,435
4. Benito Santiago, Puerto Rico                           11,432
5. Manny Sanguillen, Panama                               10,885

(Top Three Vote-getters)
1. Roberto Clemente, Puerto Rico                         100,955
2. Manny Ramirez, Dominican Republic                      66,830
3. Vladimir Guerrero, Dominican Republic                  62,895
4. Sammy Sosa, Dominican Republic                         39,344
5. Bernie Williams, Puerto Rico                           23,842
6. Tony Oliva, Cuba                                       20,722
7. Carlos Beltran, Puerto Rico                            20,646
8. Felipe Alou, Dominican Republic                        17,207
9. Moises Alou, Dominican Republic                        14,774
10. Minnie Minoso, Cuba                                   13,863
11. Jose Cruz Sr., Puerto Rico                             9,048
12. Juan Gonzalez, Puerto Rico                             8,184
13. Rico Carty, Dominican Republic                         5,452
14. Luis Gonzalez, Cuba                                    5,175
15. George Bell, Dominican Republic                        4,786

Starting Pitcher
(Top Three Vote-getters)
1. Pedro Martinez, Dominican Republic                     93,118
2. Juan Marichal, Dominican Republic                      68,199
3. Fernando Valenzuela, Mexico                            49,616
4. Luis Tiant, Cuba                                       36,610
5. Johan Santana, Venezuela                               32,952
6. Bartolo Colon, Dominican Republic                      22,226
7. Lefty Gomez, Mexico                                    22,016
8. Dennis Martinez, Nicaragua                             18,168
9. Livan Hernandez, Cuba                                  11,264
10. Joaquin Andujar, Dominican Republic                    9,127
11. Mike Cuellar, Cuba                                     7,845
12. Jose Rijo, Dominican Republic                          6,347
13. Camilo Pascual, Cuba                                   5,757
14. Martin Dihigo, Cuba                                    4,393
15. Dolf Luque, Cuba                                       2,066

Relief Pitcher
(Top Vote-getter)
1. Mariano Rivera, Panama                                107,710
2. Jose Mesa, Dominican Republic                           9,389
3. Roberto Hernandez, Puerto Rico                          8,230
4. Willie Hernandez, Puerto Rico                           8,127
5. Armando Benitez, Dominican Republic                     7,431


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Major League Baseball
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Noreen Pratscher, 313-667-0134