Nationally Renowned Speaker & Author, Dr. Dale Anderson of St. Paul, Minn., Designates March 15 as National Act Happy Day & National Wellderly Day

for Monday (March 15)

    WHAT: Dr. Dale Anderson has just the cure for what may be ailing
        you. It isn't covered by insurance and you don't have to go to
        Canada to find it at a discount. This easy-to-get, no-cost
        prescription is all around you -- it's laughter.

        In an effort to promote the health benefits of happiness,
        humor and laughter, Dr. Dale Anderson has founded National Act
        Happy Day and National Wellderly Day. Both days are recognized
        annually on the third Monday in March (falling on March 15 in

        Among his many "INNERtainment" suggestions for staying young
        and healthy, and being "WELLderly" instead of elderly, Dr.
        Anderson recommends starting each morning by staring in the
        mirror and letting out a 15-second belly laugh. "It's about
        getting into the performance of the happy part," he says.
        "Laughter sets the stage and turns on the chemistry for a good
        day." Dr. Anderson also helps business people understand how
        acting upbeat generates success and how peak performers excel
        in customer relationships.

    WHO: People of any age can use Dr. Anderson's method acting
        techniques to get their act together "WELL." Dr. Anderson
        spreads his humor and holistic healing ideas in speaking
        engagements across the country. Businesses use Dr. Anderson's
        motivational speaking to promote positive relationships and
        team building among employees.

    WHY: In his best selling book "Never Act Your Age," Dr. Anderson
        discusses how it is now scientifically proven that humor,
        laughter and playing a happy role have dramatic health
        benefits. According to Anderson, it is an essential, and often
        overlooked, part of holistic health. The science of
        psycho-neuro-immunity confirms that those in upbeat roles can
        elevate feel-good chemistries and get into happy and healthy

        Dr. Anderson explains how endorphins are the morphine within.
        "When you laugh, you breath deep, sit up straight, and
        exercise the mind and body. It's a great work out and it sets
        the stage for improved communication, creativity and

        "Fake it till you make it," says Anderson. "The biggest hurdle
        for people is to realize that they have the power within
        themselves to change."

    WHEN: Monday, March 15, 2004

Note to Editors: Voted Best Speaker of 2003 by Minnesota Meetings & Events magazine, Dr. Dale Anderson is a member of the National Speakers Association and serves on the editorial board of Today's Health and Fitness magazine. Dr. Anderson has been a physician for more than 40 years and is nationally renowned for his presentations and books on the topics of humor, health, fitness and peak performance. His best selling book "Never Act Your Age" received a 2003 National Health Information Award, a 2003 National Mature Media Award and ForeWord Magazine's 2003 Book of the Year award.


for Dr. Dale Anderson:
Gina Swanson, 763-268-0762
Cell: 612-298-2631


for Dr. Dale Anderson:
Gina Swanson, 763-268-0762
Cell: 612-298-2631