eHelp's RoboHelp X4: Making Waves in Help Technology; New Macromedia Flash-Based Help Format Creates a More Effective User Experience

SAN DIEGO--()--May 27, 2003--eHelp(TM) Corp., a worldwide leader in award-winning software since 1990, today unveiled RoboHelp(R) X4, the next generation in Help authoring technology for Web-based and desktop applications (Windows, Mac and Linux). As the newest version of RoboHelp, the industry standard in Help authoring, RoboHelp X4 will include a preview of FlashHelp(TM), a revolutionary new Macromedia Flash-based Help format that is bandwidth-efficient and firewall-friendly. Because FlashHelp is based on XML and Flash technology from Macromedia Inc. (NasdaqNM: MACR), it offers rich-media capabilities and guarantees a consistent user experience across the widest array of platforms and browsers. Additionally, RoboHelp X4 incorporates enhanced support for FrameMaker from Adobe Systems Inc. (NasdaqNM: ADBE), WebHelp merging and new exciting features for customers using the Microsoft Word authoring environment in RoboHelp.

"We are extremely pleased that eHelp has selected Macromedia Flash technology as the platform for its breakthrough Help format," said Param Singh, director of product management, Macromedia. "FlashHelp is an important innovation because it will enable an exciting and more effective user experience. We believe that FlashHelp can become the standard in Help technology because of its ability to adapt to the rapidly-changing demands of Web-based and desktop applications."

Introducing New Revolutionary Help Format: FlashHelp

FlashHelp breaks away from the current paradigm of static Help systems by empowering technical writers and software developers to customize their Help systems with Macromedia Flash interactivity and sound. Until now, there was no existing Help format that both enhanced the usability of desktop and Web applications, and met the current aesthetic standards in Web interface design. FlashHelp fills this void, enabling Help authors and software developers to create rich-media Help systems that keep pace with today's dynamic applications.

In addition, FlashHelp provides greater consistency in appearance and navigation across all popular browsers and platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux and the Web. FlashHelp is bandwidth-efficient and also resolves security firewall issues common with other Help formats.

RoboHelp X4: Progressive Functionality

-- Enhanced FrameMaker Support -- RoboHelp X4 accelerates the creation of Help systems based on Adobe FrameMaker documents by allowing users to rapidly convert any number of FrameMaker documents to .MIF format for easy importing into RoboHelp.

-- WebHelp Merging -- With RoboHelp X4, users can easily merge multiple Help projects on any desktop or server. This allows multiple authors to work independently on different sections of a Help system and then merge all the sections together into a single Help system at runtime.

RoboHelp X4: New Features in Microsoft Word Authoring Environment

Based on popular demand, the innovations that were introduced in RoboHelp X3's HTML authoring environment are now also available in RoboHelp X4's Microsoft Word authoring environment. These features include:

-- Completely Re-Engineered Printed Documentation Output -- Users now have more control over the content and appearance of the printed documentation generated from their Help project. RoboHelp X4 can automatically create a cover page, table of contents, index and pagination, and it even allows users to apply their own corporate templates. Users can re-organize and edit their content specifically for print, independent of the design of the online Help system.

-- Conditional Text with Overlapping -- Conditional Text allows users to select different content for different versions of their Help system or printed documentation and generate multiple Help and documentation outputs, all from a single project. Conditional text can be assigned at the topic, paragraph, character levels, and even to graphics and tables. Users can overlap Conditional Text tags to include the same content in multiple outputs.

-- Single-Source Layouts -- Users can save time and ensure a consistent look and feel every time they regenerate their Help output or documentation, after updates have been made. With single-source layouts, users can easily define and save their layout settings for each output, including Help format, documentation format, conditional text designations and skins.

-- Glossary Support -- With RoboHelp X4, Help authors can easily add a glossary to their Help system. Using the Glossary, end-users can quickly find definitions to unfamiliar words in the Help content without leaving the topic they are viewing.

About RoboHelp

RoboHelp, the industry standard in Help authoring, allows technical writers and software developers to easily create professional Help systems for desktop and Web-based applications, including .NET. RoboHelp offers the flexibility to choose from a variety of authoring environments such as the powerful built-in HTML editor, any popular HTML editor, or Microsoft Word. In addition, RoboHelp allows the import of existing content from Word, FrameMaker, HTML projects or existing Help projects. Automated wizards create Help-specific features in seconds, including a table of contents, index, glossary, topics, graphics and special effects. RoboHelp has won more than 55 prestigious industry awards.

Platforms Supported by RoboHelp

The Help systems generated by RoboHelp can run on the Web, Windows from Microsoft Corp. (NasdaqNM: MSFT), MAC OS X from Apple Computer Inc. (NasdaqNM: AAPL), Linux on IBM Corp. (NasdaqNM: IBM) and other flavors of Linux.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing for RoboHelp X4 starts at $379 (USD) and will be available May 30, 2003. For more information, contact eHelp Corp. at Tel: 800/459-2356 (U.S. and Canada) or 858/847-7900 (worldwide), Web site:, Email:

About eHelp Corp.

Founded in 1990, eHelp Corp. (formerly Blue Sky Software) is a worldwide leader in providing award-winning software. eHelp's software products reduce support costs and increase customer satisfaction by dramatically improving the usability of desktop and Web-based applications, intranets and Web sites. As the industry standard in Help authoring, RoboHelp provides the foundation to more than 250 million online Help and user assistance systems currently in use around the world. eHelp's products have won more than 60 prestigious industry awards and more than two-thirds of Fortune 1000 companies are customers. For more information, visit

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