Netrics Matching Technology Integrates Data

Real-Time Engine Bolsters Partner Solutions to Enable Linking of Critical Customer Information for CRM Users

PRINCETON, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Netrics, a technology innovator that makes imperfect data perfectly usable, today announced that it has been embedded in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) initiatives, giving users unparalleled accuracy in matching records to make the most of their data. Working with solution providers like Nimaya and Forefront Technologies, the Netrics technology provides an adaptive and scalable data matching solution for enterprises working in a hosted environment.

“As has quickly become the dominant SaaS market player for hosted CRM solutions, it’s vital that the data, structured or unstructured, within this environment be of the highest standards”

Data accuracy is critical in CRM applications like, which are designed to help companies consolidate their customer data and improve opportunities for account management, growth and customer retention. Many companies deploy data quality solutions in conjunction with the application to try to ensure that the customer data sourced from multiple systems doesnt become mired with inconsistencies that result in duplications, repetitions and failed matches that render data ineffective. But while that may clean the data once, both the human factor and the computer factor continue to introduce variations within data sources as new records are created, added or existing ones updated.

With the Netrics Real-World Data Matching Platform, data imperfection goes from a time- and revenue-draining business impediment to a non-issue. The Netrics Matching Engine finds and connects disparate data despite inconsistencies, incompleteness, variations and errors, giving C-level executives the ability to make correct business decisions that rely on their underlying data.

In data integration initiatives where extensive amounts of customer data are pulled from any number of sources, data quality is always a challenge, said Dan Soschin, director of marketing, Nimaya. While our ActionBridge solution provides virtual data integration for users, our partnership with Netrics means we dont have to waste time or money in labor-intensive data standardization. The Netrics Matching Engine makes it fast and easy to provide a comprehensive view of each customer and to identify data discrepancies in real time.

The Netrics platform also introduces automated, adaptive and evolving machine learning technology that learns on-the-fly, ensuring data integration efforts run smoothly even as new variations of customer data is added. This eliminates the need for continuous monitoring of sourced data, saving time that would otherwise be devoted to data upkeep and maintenance.

As has quickly become the dominant SaaS market player for hosted CRM solutions, its vital that the data, structured or unstructured, within this environment be of the highest standards, said Anne Marie Berger, managing partner, ForeFront, Inc. Now with the introduction of the Platform as a Service, our clients demand integration know-how in SaaS-to-ERP data exchange and proven technology to address complex data quality challenges. Working with Netrics, weve been able to integrate its matching technology to build some innovative Customer Data Integration (CDI) and Product Information Management (PIM) solutions, on premise or virtual.

Netrics also offers a unique, low-risk solution to the data problem, according to company president and CEO Stefanos Damianakis.

As an embeddable technology, the Netrics Matching Engine makes existing IT investments, applications and databases work better with minimal time and resources, Damianakis said. We are deployed on top of current or new data quality and data integration initiatives quickly and easily, require virtually no customization and allow for lightning-fast deployments that can scale to meet any business need.

Netrics, Nimaya and Forefront Technologies will attend CRM Live! in New York on Thursday, Jan. 24, 2008, to demonstrate data quality solutions and discuss the market need for customer-data integration in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) environments. For more information, visit: tour/70130000000DQwXAAW.jsp?d. (Due to its length, this URL may need to be copied/pasted into your Internet browser's address field. Remove the extra space if one exists.)

About Netrics

Netrics brings a totally new approach to making structured data of any kind usable despite its imperfections. The problem isnt with the data; its the inability to accurately match data. Netrics matches imperfect data in real-time despite inconsistencies, incompleteness, variations and errors. Decision-makers at all levels of the organization, from front-line personnel to C-level executives, get information they can trust. As an embeddable technology, Netrics works with virtually any database, data source or application to quickly, easily and automatically turn data into a business asset. See for more information.


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