Financial Disclosure

Fast, simultaneous disclosure of your material news.

Delivering Your Market-Moving News

Business Wire is a trusted, recognized disclosure vehicle for financial news in the US, Canada and throughout Europe — in more markets than any other wire service.

Press Release Disclosure

Hundreds of public companies worldwide rely on Business Wire to deliver their material news and fulfill their regulatory disclosure requirements. Our network ensures that your news is delivered simultaneously to regulatory authorities, media, analysts, investors and all your other audiences.

IR Sites

InvestorHQ is our industry-best investor relations site solution, providing a dynamic site that integrates perfectly with your own company website and provides complete investor relations information.

Filing Services

Not only can we distribute your news, we can provide complete EDGAR formatting and filing services, making us a one-stop shop for all your investor relations needs. In Canada, we can handle your SEDAR filing needs.

European Disclosure

We provide complete disclosure solutions in multiple European markets, including comprehensive FCA filing services in the UK.

XBRL Services

Our financial compliance services team can help you meet the SEC's phased-in XBRL mandate, with complete XBRL tagging and filing services.

IPO Services

With our unique combination of press release, disclosure and investor relations products, we can take you from announcement to trading with a complete set of IPO services.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability, corporate governance, philanthropy and other Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) factors are a growing part of reporting and disclosure. Business Wire's CSR Circuit provides you with the tools to accurately report your CSR efforts to interested audiences.

Market Impact Reports

The Market Impact Report powered by News Quantified, is an analytics feature that measures and compares how your stock behaves on the day company issued news is disseminated with the stock activity of up to three peer companies. Stock performance metrics include fluctuations in stock price, variations in volume, and volatility.