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Afrojack leads hundreds of DJs Utilizing Dubset’s New Facebook and Twitter Players to Share and Monetize their Mixes

Powered by Dubset’s MixSCAN Technology, These Players Ensure That Underlying Rightsholders Are Paid Royalties as Mix Content is Monetized

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Thefuture.fm, the cloud-based radio platform streaming new mixes and performances by the world’s top DJs, has introduced the industry’s first music players for social media that resolve and compensate rights holders enabling DJs to derive revenue simply by sharing their content with fans via Facebook and Twitter.

“We’re thrilled to offer DJs an exciting new way to share their work in a manner that’s not only easily embeddable on social media, ensuring the widest reach and easiest listening for fans, but also provides monetization for themselves and the artists whose music they’re working with”

Adoption and use of the players by the DJ community has been immediate. Within days of launching the players, world-renowned DJs Afrojack and Steve Aoki used the Facebook and Twitter players, respectively, to premiere new radio shows and mixes. Additionally, Dubset and The NoiseHouse established a partnership to develop and share exclusive content specifically for the new players to premiere new radio shows and mixes via social media, blogs and popular editorial outlets. “As a leading producer of EDM radio shows and DJ mixes, we are always seeking new means of distribution for our artists. When we learned of Dubset’s ability to compensate rights holders of the music contained in our shows we recognized an important void had been filled in the industry, and we want to help fix it,” Luke Neville, Managing Director at The NoiseHouse, said.

DJs upload their content at Thefuture.fm and share it via a Facebook post or tweet; Dubset’s platform and technologies do the rest. Ad revenue is created for the DJ by Dubset and from that the underlying rights holders of the music being mixed are paid royalties. “Prior to the release of MixSCAN and these players, there was a broken ecosystem. DJs had been utilizing platforms and players to share mixes without receiving any compensation and underlying rights holders and publishers have been bypassed. Now, not only is the DJ able to generate revenue from their performances, mixtapes, podcasts, or studio sets, all artists whose music they are mixing will be paid royalties,” Bob Barbiere, CEO of Dubset, said.

The media players utilize Dubset’s proprietary MixSCAN rights management technology and platform which registers the mix content creating what’s known as a MixDNA. This technology resolves real-time rights complexities and reports consumption and use to ASCAP, SESAC, BMI, and SoundExchange. Thousands of the world’s top DJs are utilizing Dubset and Thefuture.fm to ensure their content is registered, rights-managed and eligible for royalty distribution.

“We’re thrilled to offer DJs an exciting new way to share their work in a manner that’s not only easily embeddable on social media, ensuring the widest reach and easiest listening for fans, but also provides monetization for themselves and the artists whose music they’re working with,” Rachel Springate, Chief Artist Officer of Dubset, said. “With superstars like Afrojack and Steve Aoki sharing tracks with hundreds of thousands of fans through Thefuture.fm’s players, we’re confident that it will soon be ubiquitous on pages visited by EDM lovers across the Internet.”

To learn more about Dubset Media, please visit www.dubsetmedia.com.

To see a demonstration of Thefuture.fm players visit www.thefuture.fm or download the free Thefuture.fm iOS app from the Apple store.

To learn more about The NoiseHouse, please visit www.thenoisehouse.com

About Thefuture.fm

Thefuture.fm is the distribution arm of Dubset Media Holdings. It is the first service designed exclusively for DJs to host their mixed-audio in a place where they are assured royalties will be paid to underlying right holders. DJs who upload and manage their content at Thefuture.fm can share that content in a compliant manner via players built for web and mobile use as well as specific applications within Facebook and Twitter. Embeddable Players are also available to 3rd party publishers and other digital property owners. DJs share in ad, brand, and subscription revenues after underlying rights holders have been paid.

About Dubset Media Holdings, Inc.

Dubset Media is an innovative rights technology and mix music distribution company. Its patent-pending MixSCAN™ technology unravels the complexities common to DJ mix content enabling proper content registration, distribution, rights resolution, royalty reporting, and revenue clearing. The beneficiaries are DJs, labels, producers, music services, and other digital service providers who now will receive new revenues and royalties. Dubset’s platforms enable the scalable exchange of mix content between content creators (DJs) and the world’s legally licensed music distributors.

About The NoiseHouse

The NoiseHouse is a London, New York, and Ibiza based, audio production, content and distribution company. They are responsible for the creation, global syndication/distribution and promotion of radio shows, featuring the worlds top DJs, including Avicii, Afrojack, Laidback Luke, Eric Prydz, Krewella, R3hab, Tommy Trash, Cazzette and Idris Elba. They also work with renown club brands and labels including Cream, Sankeys, Sunday School and Ultra Music. The NoiseHouse also leverage their vast network of leading brand/advertising agency relationships to develop sponsorship, and advertising opportunities around DJ mixed audio content.


For more information about Thefuture.fm and Dubset Media Holdings:
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