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White Stag Announces Lease and Sale/Lease Back of Two Airbus A-320 Aircraft

CLEVELAND--(BUSINESS WIRE)--WHITE STAG AIRCRAFT LEASING (US), LLC announced the placement of one Airbus A-320 Aircraft, with a second delivery scheduled during fourth quarter 2014. Both units shall operate long term lease contracts in agreement with the same domestic operator.

“With orders for new aircraft at increased demand, coupled with manufacturer production and backlogs, many operators are seeking aircraft from other more immediate sources. The resurgence in the secondary market, has provided an equal race for pedigree aircraft. Well maintained aircraft are spoken for as soon as they are readied for re-delivery. Timing is everything! Prices are steadily increasing, and time on the market abbreviated, the lack of supply to meet demand has all but eliminated price negotiations, and unrealistic offers,” says White Stag Management.

This press release contains forward looking statements. Delivery dates expressed herein, are made at the time of this release. The company takes no obligation to update or revise such statements to reflect new information or events which are beyond our control.


White Stag Aircraft Leasing LLC
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