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Emerald Appoints Amsterdam and Garner to Mid-Cap Portfolio Management Team

LEOLA, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Emerald Advisers, Inc. announced today that Steven L. Amsterdam and Joseph W. Garner have been named Associate Portfolio Managers for Emerald’s Mid-Cap Growth strategy and related products. They join Emerald’s newly appointed Deputy Chief Investment Officer David A. Volpe, CFA who has managed the strategy since 2005. “As many of our small-cap holdings can grow to become mid-caps, we continue to follow them, resulting in an expansion and diversification of the firm’s strategies and offerings. Our Mid-Cap Growth product is important to the firm as we continue to grow our assets under management. Steve and Joe bring a wealth of talent and experience as they join David in managing the Mid-Cap strategy,” said Emerald President and Chief Investment Officer Kenneth G. Mertz II, CFA.

Mr. Amsterdam has been a member of Emerald’s research analyst team since 2001 and has twenty-one years of industry and investment experience. Mr. Garner is Emerald’s Director of Research and also serves as a Co-Manager of Emerald’s Small-Cap Growth strategy. He has been a member of Emerald’s research analyst team since 1994.

Emerald Advisers is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Emerald Asset Management, Inc., an investment holding company with approximately $3.0 billion in assets as of March 31, 2014. Emerald and its subsidiaries maintain offices in King of Prussia, West Conshohocken and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Oceanside, California. Its global headquarters is located in Leola, PA.

Founded in 1991, Emerald Asset Management, Inc. is a diversified investment management company that operates thru its wholly-owned subsidiaries Emerald Advisers Inc., Emerald Mutual Fund Advisers Trust, Emerald Separate Account Management LLC, Emerald Direct Lending Advisers LLC and Emerald Fixed Income Advisers LLC. Assets managed by these companies totaled approximately $3.0 billion as of March 31, 2014. “Driven by Research,” Emerald employs an intense fundamental, research-focused investment philosophy and focuses primarily on growth-oriented equity investing and high-quality disciplined fixed-income investing.

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Emerald Advisers, Inc.
Kenneth G. Mertz II, CFA