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Minetec Introduces Communications Product Suite to Improve Safety and Productivity in Mining Operations at AIMEX 2013

AIMEX 2013

SYDNEY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Minetec, a division of Codan Limited (ASX-CDA), has introduced a comprehensive suite of communications products aimed at improving safety and productivity in underground and surface mining operations. Minetec’s new core product lines include SMARTS mine management and control (MMC); SafeDetect™ collision avoidance and proximity detection; Trax+Tags™ II Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) for vehicle and personnel position reporting and tracking; and ELF (Ethernet-over-Leaky Feeder) infrastructure.

“With the commercial introduction of Minetec’s communications product suite, the company is building on expertise based on more than a decade of providing services and technology as a partner to the mining industry”

“With the commercial introduction of Minetec’s communications product suite, the company is building on expertise based on more than a decade of providing services and technology as a partner to the mining industry,” said Andy Sheppard, executive general manager, Minetec. “The Minetec product lines have been developed from technology that is rapidly becoming a standard in mining operations worldwide and has been designed with input from our numerous customers and partners in underground and surface mining. By integrating SMARTS™ with the ELF™ communications network, SafeDetect ™ and the Trax+Tags™ II tracking system, Minetec provides a comprehensive, enterprise-wide solution for underground mining operations.”

The Minetec SMARTS™ mine management and control (MMC) system provides a combination of applications to plan the day-to-day task allocation of resources in the mine, allowing mine managers to focus on driving efficiency, safety cost and quality.

Minetec’s SafeDetect™ Proximity Awareness system has been developed based upon the needs of the modern operational requirements and tempo of today’s underground and service mining operations and offers an integrated and overarching functional safety solution. Comprised of four key components, including a transmitter, receiver, warning display and personal protection device, SafeDetect ™ allows heavy vehicle operators to detect the presence of light vehicles and personnel early, well before any interaction occurs, even when clear line-of-sight is not possible.

A scalable system, Trax+Tags™ II can be implemented cost-effectively to address the accuracy and investment requirements of the mine at different stages of operation by building up the system with modules over time. Far superior to existing technologies, the electronic Minetec Tag Board, a component of the Trax+Tags™ Suite, provides an efficient and cost-effective system to visually display assets based on their current location. Using the tags worn by personnel, the Tag Board displays the occupancy of zones, alarm conditions and entry/exit events.

The Minetec ELF™ (Ethernet over leaky feeder) provides Ethernet and IP-based connectivity over traditional leaky feeder-based, voice communication systems. Minetec provide both VHF and UHF digital ready underground leaky feeder products and all Minetec products offer a migration path to ELF system supporting technologies such as IP cameras, VOIP phones and other Internet access products.

About Minetec

Minetec Pty Ltd, (Willetton, Western Australia), is part of the Codan Group of companies. Founded in 2000, Minetec quickly established itself as a service partner to the mining industry, and has grown rapidly into a trusted technology provider delivering safety and productivity-based products to serve the critical needs and requirements of underground and surface mining operations. An acknowledged leader in hard-rock underground mining, Minetec has expanded this expertise to address the needs of aboveground, open cut mining. Minetec supports products through integrated project engineering, delivery and life cycle services and maintenance. Minetec’s products are manufactured at Codan’s state-of-the-art facilities in Australia and Malaysia. Maintenance, training and technical support is provided from Australia, the UK and the US, as well as from its worldwide-accredited service centre network.

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Susan Sheppard,
Marketing and Communications Consultant
Andy Sheppard, +61 419 099 497
Executive General Manager