SkyPhrase Launches New Agents for Web Analytics and Fantasy Sports

COHOES, N.Y.--()--SkyPhrase, the company that makes data simple with natural language, today launched two new web agents that bring the simplicity of natural language search to web analytics and fantasy sports. SkyPhrase for Google Analytics lets users answer complex and precise questions about their web traffic without needing to learn and use a complicated interface. SkyPhrase Sports answers the most pressing fantasy football stats questions posed in plain English by returning accessible, data-rich results. The new agents are free and available now at

SkyPhrase for Google Analytics and SkyPhrase Sports are powered by SkyPhrase’s proprietary approach to natural language understanding (NLU). To date, NLU has primarily relied upon fitting queries into preprogrammed patterns: if the pattern hasn’t been introduced to the format of a query in advance, the user is typically out of luck. SkyPhrase technology is able to understand much more complex queries by determining the meaning of each individual component piece-by-piece and assembling a larger picture, much the way that the brain interprets language by combining words’ meanings with the surrounding context.

SkyPhrase for Google Analytics helps understand web traffic data without special analytics reports or difficult-to-learn interfaces. Users can pose questions in simple language and get answers quickly, a drastic change from the norm, where straightforward questions about traffic can take hours to answer and even require custom programming. In contrast, SkyPhrase for Google Analytics can easily handle questions such as:

  • “Show me pages that visitors from New York City viewed in the last three days.”
  • “Which keywords generated the most traffic to our registration page last week?”
  • “What was the bounce rate of visitors from”

Similarly, SkyPhrase Sports allows users to get answers to complex fantasy football questions quickly and easily using natural language. Rather than poring over rankings and scrutinizing a variety of fantasy news sites to get updates on injuries and performance, users can now easily receive answers to questions like:

  • “How many yards does Adrian Peterson average on turf?”
  • “Show me injuries for the Baltimore Ravens.”
  • “Which quarterbacks averaged the fewest interceptions in 2012?”
  • “How does Peyton Manning compare to Tom Brady?”

SkyPhrase Sports also features custom real-time and daily alerts that provide a notification when something happens to an important player. For example, they can set alerts such as:

  • “Alert me when someone scores in the Steelers game.”
  • “Alert me when Tom Brady throws a second touchdown.”

Users can also interface with SkyPhrase Sports via Twitter (@skyphrase) to get Direct Message answers to their questions in seconds.

“Data is full of important insights that are never discovered because the answers are too difficult and expensive to find,” said Nick Cassimatis, Ph.D., SkyPhrase founder and associate professor in Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Department of Computer Science. “SkyPhrase changes this by pairing simple natural language with proprietary artificial intelligence to figure out what you mean, and how to answer. Sports and Google Analytics offer a wealth of data constrained by traditional interfaces, making them natural fits for the SkyPhrase approach.”

About SkyPhrase

SkyPhrase makes data simple with natural language. The company’s technology pairs proprietary natural language processing and artificial intelligence to provide answers to complex questions, without the need for complex interfaces or programming. SkyPhrase applications include agents for web analytics and fantasy sports. The company’s investors include Han Huang as well as Breakout Labs, a project of the Thiel Foundation. For more information on the company or to experience SkyPhrase technology, visit or @skyphrase on Twitter.


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Release Summary

SkyPhrase, the company that makes data simple with natural language, today launched two new web agents that bring the simplicity of natural language search to web analytics and fantasy sports.



for SkyPhrase
Hal Mackins, 617-379-3775