Experts at Military Conference Declare Breakthrough PTSD Treatment “Ready for Duty”

SAN DIEGO--()--Military leaders and mental health professionals gathering at the Naval Center for Combat & Operational Stress Control Conference (NCCOSC) in San Diego heard overwhelming evidence of the effectiveness of neurofeedback treatment in treating soldiers dealing with the traumatic effects of PTSD and brain injury.

In a series of presentations to service members, health professionals and military family members, neurofeedback pioneer and Homecoming for Veterans ( Board Chair Dr. Siegfried Othmer shared findings which showed the dramatic benefits of neurofeedback for both active duty members and veterans of our Armed Forces.

“Neurofeedback treatment should be an essential part of our military’s mental health regiment before, during, and after deployment,” said Dr. Othmer. “Our studies show that neurofeedback in early stages of deployment can actually forestall descent into PTSD, as well as providing dramatic results for both active duty soldiers and veterans suffering from this debilitating condition.”

Dr. Othmer’s comments came on the heels of findings presented at the conference by clinical psychologists at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base and Naval Hospital. The psychologists shared the results of neurofeedback training on 350 active duty service members involving over 21,000 data points which showed “almost immediate results” in recovering from combat-related symptoms.

“While groundbreaking in many ways, these findings confirm what we already know,” said Dr. Othmer. “Neurofeedback training is a powerful and effective tool to combat symptoms associated with PTSD. We see results every day for our patients who are struggling with the debilitating symptoms of PTSD, including sleep problems, pain, irritability, anger and rage, and drug, alcohol, and tobacco dependency.”

Neurofeedback (EEG Feedback) is training in optimal brain function based on information derived from the EEG (electroencephalogram). The repetition of this exercise for a number of thirty-minute sessions leads typically to improved cognitive function and emotional control.

Dr. Othmer and his colleagues at the EEG Institute have launched the non profit Homecoming for Veterans (HC4V) to provide Neurofeedback training for veterans for the rehabilitation of PTSD and issues of brain performance resulting from traumatic brain injury, blast injury, concussion, whiplash, and chemical exposure.

HC4V now has a nationwide network of trained clinicians available to offer this cutting-edge treatment, at no cost, for veterans suffering from PTSD. Additionally, they have launched pilot programs in neurofeedback at six military bases.

“Our goal has been to make our military leaders, policymakers, and military families dealing with the effects of PTSD aware of the tremendously positive benefits that neurofeedback can offer,” concluded Homecoming for Veterans Executive Director Pam Tarr. “The findings shared this week make clear the need for immediate research into this powerful treatment option as well as the expansion of pilot programs beyond Camp Pendleton and into VA medical centers and in all of our military branches.”

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Homecoming for Veterans
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Military leaders and mental health professionals hear overwhelming evidence of the effectiveness of neurofeedback in treating soldiers dealing with the traumatic effects of PTSD and brain trauma.



Homecoming for Veterans
Steve Caplan, 310-745-1050