Digital Reasoning and Riptano Advance Cassandra-Based Analytic Solutions

FRANKLIN, Tenn. & AUSTIN, Texas--()--Digital Reasoning® Systems Inc., the leader in complex, large scale unstructured data analytics, and Riptano®, the company providing software, support and training for Apache™ Cassandra, announced a partnership to advance the deployment of cloud-scale analytics solutions in government and commercial markets. Cassandra is the leading scalable and high performance open-source database used by Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Cisco and many others in the commercial markets.

The explosion of unstructured data represents over 75 percent of the world’s information. The increasing demand for actionable intelligence from this information requires innovative solutions to make timely, accurate judgments on large quantities of information. It saves lives in the intelligence community, and it saves time and money in the enterprise. The ability to distribute analytical capabilities is changing how information is used. Riptano and Digital Reasoning Systems are teaming up to promote and simplify the evolution to these cloud-scale analytic intelligence solutions.

Riptano is the authority on Apache™ Cassandra and delivers software, services and training to help businesses and organizations build their applications on Cassandra. Digital Reasoning’s flagship product Synthesys™ is deployed over the largest Cassandra instance in the government intelligence infrastructure. Riptano and Digital Reasoning are working to promote both commercial and government scalable Cassandra solutions and will be involved in the analytic and data storage layers of a 400-node Cassandra architecture. The database is designed to allow for the analysis of hundreds of millions of intelligence documents.

“We are excited to be working with Riptano,” said Tim Estes, CEO of Digital Reasoning Systems. “Riptano is clearly the leading expert on Apache Cassandra, a technology we depend upon to achieve our extraordinary scalability advantages.”

One of the first results of this partnership will be the deployment and support of an open source Cassandra management solution – called “PyStratus” - used by Digital Reasoning to dramatically simplify creating, configuring, and managing a Cassandra, Hadoop, or hybrid-Cassandra/Hadoop clusters in Amazon EC2. This package is available on This partnership will deliver similar scripting solutions for Rackspace and other cloud providers in the near future.

“Apache Cassandra is the database for big data,” said Matt Pfeil, CEO and co-founder of Riptano. “Digital Reasoning is doing interesting work within the intelligence community that is resulting in a deployment of Cassandra across hundreds of nodes for millions of documents. We're excited Digital Reasoning is giving back to the community by open sourcing their software to deploy Cassandra on Amazon EC2. This will save time and make it easier to run Cassandra in the cloud.”

Digital Reasoning Systems and Riptano are leaders among a growing group of companies that recognize the benefits that Cassandra brings to the challenges of extracting hidden value locked within “big data.”

About Riptano®

Riptano is the company for Apache Cassandra, the leading scalable and high performance open source database. Riptano offers software, support, and training for Cassandra. Capable of both online transactions and analytical workloads, Cassandra offers distribution of data across multiple data centers and incremental scalability with no single points of failure. Cassandra is the logical choice when you need reliability without compromising performance, and Riptano brings Cassandra to the enterprise. For information on Riptano visit

About Digital Reasoning®

Digital Reasoning solves the problem of information overload by providing the tools people need to understand relationships between entities in vast amounts of unstructured and structured data.

Digital Reasoning builds data analytic solutions based on a distinctive mathematical approach to understanding natural language. The value of Digital Reasoning is not only the ability to leverage an organization’s existing knowledge base, but also to reveal critical hidden information and relationships that may not have been apparent during manual or other automated analytic efforts. For more information on Digital Reasoning visit


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Digital Reasoning Systems
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