Twitter & RSS Feeds

The headlines you need, when you need them. Multiple delivery and customization options. Fast access to text, photos and multimedia.

Powerful Filtering Options

Business Wire's PressPass service allows you to quickly create a custom news feed, giving you the ability to receive the news you need at your convenience. Once you've set up your customized news profile, add your custom news profile — or one of Business Wire's own 252 ready-made RSS feeds — to your own RSS reader.

We also offer more than two dozen industry-specific Twitter feeds — simply follow the feed and see every headline in that industry, every day, and click through for full text.


As a registered member of Business Wire's PressPass you can:

  • Customize your news feed by selecting keywords to search for in the release headline or body, or look for certain stock tickers
  • Limit your news to one or more world regions, countries or US states
  • Choose from any of 21 top-level and 200 secondary industry segments, three dozen subject keywords, and 14 languages from all regions of the world
  • Create multiple news profiles to handle different types of news, and set different display and delivery options for each profile