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Distribute your press releases through Business Wire and you'll reach all your targets: digital, print and broadcast newsrooms, individual reporters and editors, consumers, financial and news portals, websites, news syndicators, bloggers, social media networks and more. We deliver more than 1,200 press releases and company announcements every day, reaching some 89,613 media outlets in 162 countries. Whether your content is headed for one of our 193 US industry and trade categories, or a global circuit delivered worldwide in more than 20 languages, we'll make sure you hit the right targets.

Upload your press releases through Business Wire Connect, our password-protected order system. You manage your account, so only authorized users can send news. Experienced editorial professionals in our 22 full-service newsrooms will format and distribute your news per your instructions, while keeping their eyes out for errors and suggesting appropriate channels for your press release.

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Your news is amplified with our GMSM features, broadening the reach, presentation and shareability of your content while providing illuminating analytics. Learn more about GMSM here.

Valuable Measurement Data

Every press release with English-language delivery includes a NewsTrak report, containing valuable metrics including audience reach, interaction and detailed social media analytics, powered by NUVI.


  • Distribution via the industry's only patented news network, NX, providing reach to news organizations and other key market participants retaining your formatted content and wide, functional tables.
  • Delivery into newsrooms using a multi-channel network that includes access to the platforms of AP, Dow Jones, Thomson Reuters, AFP, Bloomberg and dozens more.
  • Free distribution to print and online trade media and industry opinion leaders in your choice of more than 200 vertical market categories.
  • Up-to-date web formatting, so your links, bold and italic text, bullets and other style elements carry through to downstream sites including Google News, Yahoo! Finance, Dow Jones Marketwatch and more.
  • Free social media sharing links, for online readers to submit your news to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other popular sharing sites.
  • Free display of your full-color company logo, linked to your own website, to help your branding efforts.