Airgain Unveils First-of-its-kind Smart LanternTM FWA Solution at Mobile World Congress 2024

Cutting-edge FWA technology enhances end-to-end 5G customer experience and reduces operators’ installation costs

Airgain's Smart Lantern FWA technology is designed to transform the 5G customer experience (Photo: Business Wire)

SAN DIEGO--()--Airgain, Inc. (NASDAQ: AIRG), a leading provider of wireless connectivity solutions, will unveil the first hybrid beamforming smart fixed wireless access (FWA) technology on the market, Airgain Smart LanternTM, at Mobile World Congress 2024.

The Smart LanternTM is designed to transform the 5G customer experience, maximizing high gain antenna performance. It uses Airgain’s patented smart beamforming technology to simplify end user FWA installation by automatically determining the direction of the best received and transmitted signal from the 5G Cellular base station (gNb).

The Airgain Smart LanternTM addresses the evolving needs of the telecom industry with its cutting-edge smart antenna technology for 5G mid-band and C-band frequencies. The device provides an improved end-user experience, combining innovative features that include hybrid beamforming, beam steering and a flexible architecture, and eliminates professional installation, ensuring extended and optimized 5G performance.

Key features of the Airgain Smart LanternTM:

  • Hybrid Beamforming Technology: Market-first technology that maximizes high-gain antenna performance, enhancing signal propagation efficiency at the FWA device.
  • Optimized Installation: Simplifies the installation process, aiding in finding the optimal direction for improved signal reception.
  • Flexible Architecture: Integrating the Airgain smart antenna, beamforming logic and specialized firmware to implement beam steering.

Benefits for mobile network operators (MNOs) and telecommunication equipment manufacturers (TEMs) and end users:

  • Extended Coverage: Significantly better coverage ensuring a broader reach for telecom operators and access for end-users.
  • Enhanced Throughput: Faster and more consistent throughput, meeting the increasing demands for high-speed data in the 5G era.
  • Lower installation cost: The Smart LanternTM ensures simplified installation for end customers, eliminating the need for professional truck-roll services for both indoor and outdoor usage models.

Joe Madden, Chief Analyst at Mobile Experts, commented on the impact of Smart LanternTM:

"As the operators push to capture new revenue with FWA, it’s critical for them to control costs with extended coverage without sending technicians to install the CPE. This is the single most critical part of the ROI equation for the operators."

Dr. Ali Sadri, CTO of Airgain Inc., shared his insights on the groundbreaking Smart LanternTM:

"The Airgain Smart LanternTM represents a pivotal advancement in fixed wireless access solutions, marking a new era in 5G connectivity. With its hybrid beamforming technology, flexible architecture and optimized installation, the Smart LanternTM addresses the evolving needs of the telecommunications industry. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation ensures that the Smart LanternTM not only meets but exceeds the expectations of TEMs and MNOs, and system integrators. This revolutionary device reinforces Airgain's position as a leader in delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive the future of wireless communication.”

Airgain invites industry professionals, partners, and stakeholders to explore the Smart LanternTM and its transformative capabilities at Mobile World Congress 2024. The company will be in Hall 2, Meeting Room #2A56MR.

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Airgain Media Contact
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Airgain Media Contact
Martyn Gettings +44 7831 158416