Hanshow's Latest Sustainability Report Maps a Greener Future with EPIIC Framework

Hanshow 2022 Sustainability Report (Graphic: Business Wire)

BEIJING--()--Hanshow, one of the world's leading digital retail solution providers, is thrilled to unveil the company’s Sustainability Report for 2022 as part of its unwavering commitment to advance sustainable business and management practices through technology and innovation.

This latest Sustainability Report outlines the progress Hanshow made in fiscal year 2022 to advance Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals, reduce emissions and waste, and improve company management as part of its push to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035.

Hanshow’s CEO, Hou Shiguo, is quoted in the report saying, “At Hanshow, sustainable development is always at the core of our work. Our commitment to sustainable development is reflected in our Environmentally Beneficial, Promoting Prosperity, Innovation & Digitalization, Integrity & Governance, and Climate Neutrality, or 'EPIIC' framework. Through it, Hanshow will refine its sustainable development management system to improve implementation and ensure operations are mutually supportive of social and environmental benefits, promoting harmonious development."

Elevating Sustainability through Innovation

In 2022, Hanshow’s Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) solutions redefined retail management by allowing stores to sync price changes and product information with greater efficiency and sustainability. Hanshow recycled more than one million ESLs in 2022, and Hanshow’s AI solutions empower more stores to monitor shelf display, inventory, and real-time insights to further enhance sustainable store management. This is possible because Hanshow’s SaaS services expanded with the deployment of hundreds of servers spanning the global landscape.

Surpassing Expectations, Defining Progress, and the Path Forward with EPIIC Framework

The Sustainability Report introduces Hanshow’s EPIIC framework, encompassing five key themes: Environmentally Beneficial, Promoting Prosperity, Innovation & Digitalization, Integrity & Governance, and Climate Neutrality. Hanshow integrates these principles across its operations, supporting industry digitalization through innovation, collaborating with partners for environmentally friendly production, and contributing to social prosperity.

To put the EPIIC framework into action, Hanshow created an internal ESG governance structure. This structure's role includes defining the board's supervisory responsibilities and establishing committees and groups responsible for overseeing ESG management and its execution.

Better Management and Inclusivity Underpin Sustainable Development

Hanshow is undertaking a multifaceted approach to embrace sustainability throughout its entire company management system and supply chain. This encompasses inclusivity, sustainable procurement practices, emphasizing responsible sourcing, and minimizing product and shipping packaging.

In 2022, Hanshow secured a range of certifications, including ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001, underscoring adherence to robust management systems.

Hanshow's steadfast dedication to gender inclusivity is evident in the representation of women, comprising 33.82% of key managerial positions and 36% of the overall workforce.

Empowering a Better World through Technology

Hanshow not only offers cutting-edge digital technologies and innovative solutions, but also prioritizes reducing the carbon emissions impact of its operations and supply chain. Through technology, Hanshow will grow and collaborate with a wider range of customers and partners to promote multifaceted sustainability well into the future.

The world is undergoing rapid changes with significant trends such as climate change, digitalization, population shifts, and urbanization demanding industries to reevaluate established business practices. Hanshow remains committed to continuous technological innovation to acclimate to these trends in the retail industry.

About Hanshow

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