The K-Content Media Channel 'Kitto' to Make an Official Launch in Japan

Disseminating diverse content spanning K-entertainment, fashion, beauty, gastronomy, and more via its website and social media platforms.

Garnered over 210,000 followers within a mere six-month period and solidified its status as a trailblazer in the media landscape since its beta service inauguration in July of the previous year.

Plans to target the Japanese market by positioning itself as a ‘K-Culture Curator.’

'Kitto', a platform dedicated to the dissemination of Korean lifestyle and cultural phenomena, has declared its formal debut in Japan. (Photo: KITTO, kakaostyle Corp.)

SEONGNAM, South Korea--()--'Kitto', a platform dedicated to the dissemination of Korean lifestyle and cultural phenomena, has declared its formal debut in Japan.
Operating under the banner of 'K-Culture Curator', Kitto aims to propagate the worth of K-content, which is causing a global sensation, and foster enhanced engagement with younger users in Japan. In July of the preceding year, Kitto initiated a beta service, subsequently inaugurating a plethora of social media channels such as Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), TikTok, etc. to cater to the preferences of the digital native generation, who are proficient in navigating the mobile-centric landscape.

Kitto transcends the mere translation and introduction of trending Korean content by delivering localized, premium content across each channel. Since its nascent stages, the media has diligently pursued methods to enhance user satisfaction through numerous trials and errors, culminating in a current follower count surpassing 210,000. Notably, Kitto has swiftly ascended to prominence as a preeminent K-content account on Instagram within a mere 6 months of its inception.

Primarily focusing on visual content production, Kitto curates an array of categories, including K-entertainment, food, fashion, beauty, and famous places. Furthermore, it endeavors to reinforce a mutually beneficial relationship between content development and potency by collaboratively crafting content with esteemed K-Trend partners.
Kitto has garnered praise from numerous users for its exclusive interviews and filming endeavors featuring prominent K-pop artists such as the groups 'tripleS' and 'Kep1er'. Additionally, it seeks to sustain its competitive edge by collaborating with various players, such as the Korea Fashion Industry Association, the fashion brand 'STAND OIL', the accommodation reservation platform 'STAYFOLIO', and the travel content platform 'Daytrip', among others.

Looking ahead, Kitto is poised to enhance user engagement and increase usage duration by offering diversified content that incorporates the multifaceted interests of local users. Moreover, across each social media channel, the platform will actively engage with the trend-conscious younger population in Japan through interactive content delivery, in addition to providing informative updates.
Kitto is anticipated to uphold its mission of serving as a premier media platform where the Japanese MZ generation can encounter authentic and cutting-edge K-content. The platform will spare no effort in establishing itself as a cornerstone for Korean-related content, including the highly promising realm of fashion, with significant potential for growth, thereby facilitating its expansion into Japan and beyond on a global scale.


KITTO, kakaostyle Corp.
Seung Hak Cha

Release Summary

K-content media channel 'Kitto' to launch in Japan.


KITTO, kakaostyle Corp.
Seung Hak Cha