World Sauna Award "Sauna37” Launched on March 7th.

World Sauna Award "SAUNA37" (Graphic: Business Wire)


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SAUNA37 is the World Sauna Awards by TTNE, a sauna creative team based in Japan that continues to make innovation through sauna.
We nominate 37 saunas from around the world where they will be ultimate travel destinations.

We started the sauna award "SAUNACHELIN"*1 domestically in Japan in 2018, and it has grown to be one of the largest sauna awards in Japan with over 1 million PV per year.

This time, TTNE is awarding 37 best saunas around the world, where you can experience the ultimate sauna.

We hope that our passion and actions lead to the improvement of sauna culture around the world, and also the future where people can be happier and healthier through saunas.

*1 SAUNACHELIN: @saunachelin_official

Nominated 37 sauna facilities (in alphabetical order)

  1. Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus (Italy)
  2. AQUA DOME(Austria)
  3. BATHHOUSE Williamsburg (USA)
  4. Cafe Kuusijärvi (Finland)
  5. Centralbadet (Sweden)
  6. Elaisa Energetic Wellness (Belgium)
  7. Farris Bad (Norway)
  8. Friedrichsbad (Germany)
  9. Isokenkäisten Klubi (Finland)
  10. Kalma Saun (Estonia)
  11. Kotiharjun Sauna (Finland)
  12. LIQUIDROM (Germany)
  13. Löyly (Finland)
  14. Mediterana (Germany)
  15. Mooska farm (Estonia)
  16. Mustamäe Elamus Spa (Estonia)
  17. QC Termemilano (Italy)
  18. Rajaportin Sauna (Finland)
  19. SALT art & music (Norway)
  20. SANA MANE SAZAE (Japan)
  21. Sauna Deco (Netherlands)
  22. Sauna Seura (Finland)
  23. Saunakylä (Finland)
  24. Sky Lagoon Iceland (Iceland)
  25. spa metsä Otaka (Japan)
  26. Taunus Therme (Germany)
  27. The Bath House (UK)
  28. The Istana (Indonesia)
  29. The Nest (Sweden)
  30. The Rakan Open-Air Bath (Japan)
  31. The Sauna (Japan)
  32. Therme Bucuresti (Romania)
  33. Therme Erding (Germany)
  34. Therme Wien (Austria)
  35. Thermen Bussloo (Netherlands)
  36. Vabali Spa Berlin (Germany)


TTNE, led by Dai Matsuo (aka Totonoe Oyakata @totonoeoyakata(IG)) and Daisuke Akiyama (aka Sauna Shisho @saunashisho(IG)), is a sauna creative team which continues to make innovation through sauna.
We are a leading company in the Japanese sauna community and are expanding its activities worldwide.

TTNE has been selected as the one and only "Premium Sauna Partner" by Harvia, the world's No.1 sauna brand. We continue to contribute to sauna culture as a first "Harvia global ambassador" by sharing its new trends and designing even better sauna experiences worldwide.
Our team of passionate evangelists bonded with the love for sauna strives to expand the sauna community to all corners of the world. We don’t just sweat in the sauna, but we sweat “for” the sauna.

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