PFU America, Inc. Enters Projector Market With Two New Series of RICOH Laser Projectors

Five professional-grade projectors available in a range of price points feature stellar image quality, advanced features, and high brightness capabilities for a range of settings from small conference rooms to large meeting halls and venues

PFU America, Inc. Enters Projector Market With Two New Series of RICOH Laser Projectors (Photo: Business Wire)

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--()--PFU America, Inc., the U.S.-based subsidiary of PFU Limited, today announced it is entering the projector market by unveiling two new series of enterprise-ready laser projectors to address the growing market of 4K lumens and above products.

RICOH Compact Laser Projectors, the PJ WXL5860 and PJ WUL5860, are easy-to-use, compact, and lightweight projectors designed for small to medium-sized meeting room applications. Setup is quick and easy and the high lumen capabilities are a great fit for brightly lit areas and can be installed in 360-degree orientations vertically or horizontally.

RICOH High-End Laser Projectors, the installation-friendly PJ WUL6670, PJ WUL6680, and PJ WUL6690, are suitable for large conference rooms and large venues with a projection area of up to 300 inches. Dual units can be combined without any additional equipment to cover even larger areas with image correction technology to overcome uneven or curved surfaces. They feature a large, motorized, horizontal, and vertical lens shift, making it easy to adjust the screen position regardless of the installation location.

All five new projectors empower businesses, healthcare organizations, government agencies, schools, as well as companies in the hospitality and retail industries, to transform the workplace and maximize visual creativity with more professional, high-quality presentations. They all can also project up to 300 inches or 25 feet.

“We’re pleased to enter into the laser projector market and introduce these products to our U.S. channel partners, with more projectors scheduled for roll out in 2024,” said Daisuke Kutsuwada, President and CEO, PFU America, Inc. “As the market potential for laser projectors continues on an upward trajectory, all five new projectors provide a range of features which can meet the presentation needs of organizations of all sizes, across nearly any industry. We’re convinced these new laser projectors offer the performance, quality, and reliability that organizations expect, at affordable price points.”

PFU America, Inc. is selling these new RICOH laser projectors via its extensive channel partner network in the U.S. and will continue to work closely with these partners to expand its growing product portfolio and business. The RICOH PJ WXL5860 and PJ WUL5860 are priced from $1,875 to $2,124 MSRP. The RICOH PJ WUL6670, PJ WUL6680, and PJ WUL6690 range in price from $4,975 to $8,500 MSRP. For more information on all five new laser projectors please visit

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