McAfee All Access Launched – Industry’s First Full Digital Security Offering for Internet Connected Devices

Easy, Seamless Protection Eliminates Consumer Guesswork in Securing Growing Number and Types of IP Devices

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--McAfee (NASDAQ:INTC) today announced the immediate availability of the industry’s first cross-device security solution for individuals and families that empowers them to protect their Internet-connected devices quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. McAfee® All Access is a new category of protection that enables consumers to secure smartphones, tablets, netbooks, PCs, and Macs with the optimal level of security protection for each device. Pricing for McAfee All Access is based on a single user or family user license, regardless of the number of devices they need to secure.

“We’re excited to launch McAfee All Access today to meet increasing consumer demand for a single solution that safeguards users’ internet-connected devices and protects their digital lifestyles”

Consumer devices per household have exploded. Twenty-five percent of consumers globally have five or more digital devices and 60 percent own at least three, according to the McAfee Digital Assets Survey, released today. According to Forrester, in 2010, 79.3 million U.S. consumers owned three or more types of connected devices, and 4.5 million owned nine or more types of connected devices.

And consumers are more engaged than ever before: 41 percent of consumers spend more than 20 hours per week using their digital devices for personal activities.

“We’re excited to launch McAfee All Access today to meet increasing consumer demand for a single solution that safeguards users’ internet-connected devices and protects their digital lifestyles,” said Todd Gebhart, co-president of McAfee. “Users now have the protection they need without having to make buying decisions for each and every one of their devices—or go through the hassle of dealing with individual licenses each time they want to add or eliminate a device. From a simple, central console, McAfee All Access uses a single subscription, eliminating all complex licensing and management issues.”

McAfee All Access costs $99.99 for individuals and $149.99 for the household version. This represents a substantial cost-savings—as much as $200—when compared to the cost of individual security and data protection for multiple devices. Free lifetime support is also included.

From one console, McAfee All Access allows consumers and families to quickly install, activate and manage essential protection for data, Internet activities, computer systems, and kids:

  • Protect Data – Backup and restore data on smartphones, tablets and PCs. Remotely locate, lock and wipe mobile devices. Misplaced smartphone at home? Make it “scream” to easily find it.
  • Safeguard Internet Activities – Block risky sites. Safely share content. Protect email and IM.
  • Secure Consumers’ Systems – Anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall protects against malware and hackers. Wireless Internet at home is also protected.
  • Monitor Kids and Teens – Parents can supervise kids’ activities including Internet and social network use, or actively filter inappropriate content including YouTube videos and explicit music lyrics.

“Most consumer households now own a combination of PCs, Macs, and mobile devices, but haven’t kept up-to-date by adequately protecting all of them,” continued Gebhart. “As consumers become more aware of the threats to their connected devices and the need to protect them, cost and complexity often keep them from doing so. McAfee All Access changes that by providing around-the-clock, worry-free protection wherever users connect, and at a price point that makes sense in today’s multi-device world.”

McAfee All Access addresses today’s complex threat landscape and consumers’ most common security concerns:

  • Malware cost U.S. consumers $2.3 billion last year. (Source: Consumer Reports)
  • Two million new pieces of malware are discovered each month. (McAfee Q2 Threats Report)
  • Malware targeted at Android devices jumped 76 percent in the last 100 days. (McAfee Q2 Threats Report)
  • 8,900 new malicious websites are found daily. (McAfee Q2 Threats Report)
  • Forty percent of US and UK consumers say losing their mobile devices would be worse than losing their wallets, and 82% fear that information on lost or stolen devices would be used for fraudulent means. (Source: Coleman Parkes Research, 2009)
  • Consumers value their digital assets at more than $37,000 worldwide with U.S. consumers valuing their assets at almost $55,000. (Source: McAfee Digital Assets Survey)

Essential Protection

McAfee All Access offers consumers the following categories of protection on today’s most popular devices.

Smartphones and tablets for Android, Symbian and Blackberry operating systems:

  • Complete anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-phishing protection – scans and cleans malicious code from inbound and outbound emails, text messages, attachments, and files.
  • Safe searching, browsing and shopping – blocks risky links within SMS, email and social networking sites.
  • Locate and track – allows consumers to view their phone’s location on a map and send an SMS to prompt its return, as well as using its remote alarm to make it “scream” so it can be easily found.
  • Remote lock and wipe features – prevents access to data, including that on memory (SIM) cards if the phone is lost.
  • Backup and restore options – preserves personal information on-demand, on a schedule, or before users wipe their missing smartphone or tablet, and helps users restore data to a new device.
  • Family protection (Android only) – ensures safe browsing on mobile devices and prevents kids’ and teens’ exposure to inappropriate content. (Available in English language version only)

Desktop, laptop and netbook PCs:

  • Complete anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-phishing tools – analyzes and blocks new and emerging threats in real time.
  • Two-way firewall – blocks hackers from accessing PCs.
  • Anti-spam tools – provides comprehensive spam blocking and email filtering.
  • Home network protection – safeguards wireless connections in the home and protects them from intruders.
  • Safe searching, browsing and shopping protection – alerts users to risky websites, blocks phishing sites and sites infected with malware. It also allows users to easily and safely shorten and share web links via Facebook and Twitter.
  • Family protection – blocks inappropriate content and programs, monitors social networking sites, offers parents age-based guidelines, monitors and records instant message conversations in addition to other features.
  • PC tools – includes file encryption, data shredder to destroy sensitive files, PC optimization tools and online back-up.


McAfee helps keep Mac users safe from intrusion by viruses, Trojans, worms, bots, and rootkits. Security essentials, such as a firewall and phishing protection also help keep Macs safe from attack, while website ratings help users determine if sites are safe or malicious.

To help safeguard kids and teens, McAfee All Access also includes family protection for Mac with features such as website blocking, usage monitoring and key word search filtering. (Family protection for Mac is offered in English language versions only)

Lifetime Support

McAfee All Access customers with an active subscription get free lifetime support via phone, email or chat.

McAfee All Access: Videos, Availability and Pricing

  • VIDEO: A New World of Threats
  • VIDEO: Learn more about McAfee All Access
  • VIDEO: History of Malware
  • The product is available for download immediately in the United States at as an annual subscription:
    • Individual user: $99.99 US annually
    • Household (ideal for a family): $149.99 US annually
  • McAfee All Access is available now in retail outlets in the following countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Portugal and Japan.
  • The product is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or higher (32-bit), Windows Vista SP1 (32- and 64-bit), Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit), and Mac OS X 10.5 or higher.

About McAfee

McAfee, a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC), is the world's largest dedicated security technology company. McAfee delivers proactive and proven solutions and services that help secure systems, networks, and mobile devices around the world, allowing users to safely connect to the Internet, browse and shop the Web more securely. Backed by its unrivaled Global Threat Intelligence, McAfee creates innovative products that empower home users, businesses, the public sector and service providers by enabling them to prove compliance with regulations, protect data, prevent disruptions, identify vulnerabilities, and continuously monitor and improve their security. McAfee is relentlessly focused on constantly finding new ways to keep our customers safe.

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